Bosworth defenders peek out from under rocks to grumble about the verdict.

In the wake of Annette Bosworth having her license to practice medicine revoked by the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners for having been convicted of multiple felonies, a couple of her defenders crawled out and started their mewling cries that an injustice has been committed.

First, Gordon Howie who abandoned the GOP to run as an independent in last years’ US Senate Race, receiving 3% of the vote:

It is nearly unbelievable.

Her “crime”? signing political petitions which contained 37 signatures she did not personally witness. For this she has been convicted of multiple felonies and now lost her medical license.

Others (many) guilty of the same “crime” are not prosecuted, even though formal complaints have been filed.

This horrific injustice perpetrated by the political, judicial and medical establishment is grievous beyond words.

Read it here.

Also defending Bosworth was an even less coherent Lora Hubbel, who last we knew abandoned the GOP to run against the Lt. Governor (receiving 4.1% of vote):

Today the Governor-appointed (not a peer review board of Doctors) Medical Board took away Annette Bosworth’s medical license. WHY? it has nothing to do with signing our out-of-statute campaign petitions. It had to do with Annette defying the 4th branch of SD Government… Satanic Sanford (well, I mean, the logo of Sanford is a Satanic symbol of a double cross and infinity sign…just look at the “o” in Sanford – but maybe they didn’t realize this…)

This was posted in June and as of yet Attorney General Marty Jekyll has not responded to my signed and notarized affidavit that insider Rep Steve Hickey did the same thing that Annette did.

AFTER the AG received my letter, I’m told Steve Hickey was in Pierre visiting with the AG. What was said? Why wasn’t I given the courtesy of even a call from the AG’s office? Where are you Little pp on this one? Still trying to sue your insurance company to pay for all your psych meds and procedures? …..and people wonder why I tell them to watch the Republicans because they are just using the label of “republican” to bamboozle all the good people of SD.

This string of crazy comes from Facebook.

If you take out the parts about Sanford Health system worshiping Satan, namecalling not worthy of a 12 year old, Marty not responding to hearsay, even though it was ‘notarized’ (LOL), and me being involved in a lawsuit I was never aware of (same first & last name, but completely different middle initial. And state.), some of Bosworth’s more vocal supporters seem to have a common thread.

Bosworth’s support is mainly coming from the disaffected, who have latched onto her like parasites, seeking to exploit her temporary time in the spotlight to try to gain some attention for themselves. They’ve tried grabbing fame and attention for themselves through politics running multiple times, but after they got a taste, and their views became publicized, the state’s electorate started rejecting them. And doing so at nearly every turn.

Howie ran and lost at the state level in two separate elections now, and Lora Hubbel managed to find a way to do it twice in one year. And when they lost, they lost badly. Their views weren’t rejected by the public at large – they were utterly and completely repudiated.   But of course, it’s not their fault of promoting views which range from being outside the mainstream to utterly batsh*t crazy.  It’s the fault of the ‘establishment.’ How dare they not throw out people from the GOP! How dare they they mock people who say ‘laying babies on their back makes them susceptible to government mind control!’

The Bosworth verdict gave her self-appointed parasites defenders an excuse to peek out from under rocks yesterday to grumble about the verdict. Big deal. For them, Bosworth’s self-inflicted plight was just an excuse to try to pick up more disaffected supporters.

And nothing more.

11 thoughts on “Bosworth defenders peek out from under rocks to grumble about the verdict.”

  1. I am not a Bosworth supporter, and I cannot state strongly enough how happy I was and still am that she did not win election. It was, however, not right that she lost her medical license. That did not happen because of her medical qualifications, about which I can make no positive or negative conclusion. Bosworth lost her medical license because she angered the wrong people with her political actions. That goes against every idea of freedom regarding our political process. The members of the medical board claimed that Bosworth could not be trusted to tell her patients the truth. Do they honestly believe that that is the case simply because she lied about something else? If they do, then they themselves need to resign and they need to revoke the license of every doctor in the state because they have all lied about something. I am not defending Bosworth’s lies, which did amount to perjury and for which she was rightly convicted. I even think that her sentence was far too lenient. To take away her medical license for something completely unrelated to her medical career or qualifications, however, was wrong, and it is a case of retaliation against someone for her political speech and actions. That is not a good precedent to set.

  2. The perjury convictions weren’t the whole story. I think they were just the last straw. She had a history, and while the public will never know all the details of her problems with the board, it had become apparent they have had enough. It’s really sad when a bright young person with a lot of potential flames out, and it’s really awful when a whole lot of people fan the flames to advance their own agendas. She’s responsible for her own decisions, but would she have ventured into the firepit if she hadn’t been prodded by people who were only thinking about themselves? Sure, there are people who will immolate themselves without assistance but that doesn’t mean other people should bring extra gasoline and cheer them on.

  3. Hopefully the Bosworth crazies will go back to their National Enquirer investigations exposing FEMA camps, UFOs and just disappear.

  4. I suspect there was much more to the story than just these felonies. She has had problems as a Doctor for years and apparently has some personality issues that need to be resolved. I think she could get her license back if she went back to work and decided to be rational. But I think the reality is she and Chad won’t be happy until she ends up a martyr for some cause. Maybe she runs again. Maybe they continue to concoct scams to peel money from people. Who knows what’s next but you can bet it won’t be both of them going to get real employment. #alwaysanotherscam

    1. Notice how Peggy Craig comments on Argus or other articles in support of Annette as a witness and an employee but never reveals that she is Annette’s sister?

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