Bosworth trial delayed. Time for more letters?

The Bosworth Trial will be delayed until May? NOOOOOOOO!

Good gosh, we’re going to be treated to another dozen letters, and three times as many missives from Gordon Howie how she should be let off.

From Tony Mangan at Today’s KCCR News:

Sioux Falls physician Annette Bosworth was scheduled to stand trial starting Monday in Hughes County Circuit Court. That trial has now been rescheduled for May 18-22.

Bosworth was a candidate in June Republican U.S. Senate primary. After the election, she was  indicted by a grand jury in June for six counts of offering false or forged instrument for filing and six counts of perjury.  The charges carry a maximum punishment of 24 years in prison and $48,000 in fines. 

Read it all here.

12 thoughts on “Bosworth trial delayed. Time for more letters?”

  1. Something of a relief that the supporters traveling to Pierre expecting meals and lodgings will be less likely to freeze to death

  2. tough to get all the rooms the boz and her supporters needed this time of year. plus I heard of troubles with the catering.

    1. Rooms? What about that RV they used to live in? I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them stayed in tents. More time for Boz/Haber to keep milking those donors across the country.

  3. Oh great. You can already hear the “black government-looking vans” warming up in the parking lot to “interrogate preachers that know Bosworth in front of their parishioners.” Send her money now to stop this insanity! Can we raise $1 million by May? A portion of which will go toward the Bosworth Caribbean cruise/Stand With Haiti Fund.

  4. Let us hope the young Dr. Bos does not accidentally do something more to put her in hot soapy water.

  5. Oh don’t worry folks, she will be in Pierre anyway on Feb 3rd as she has so graciously volunteered to be Doctor of the Day for legislative session.

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