Boz employee claims “hundreds of supporters” coming to Pierre. Anyone buying that line?

From KCCR News, an employee of Annette Bosworth (the Trial Supervisor for Meaningful Medicine, no less) is claiming that hundreds want to come to Pierre for the trial, but alas, there’s no room at the inn:

According to Joy Jensen, trial supervisor with Meaningful Medicine, Dr. Bosworth has an unnamed supporter who has offered to pay for hotel rooms in Pierre for supporters of Bosworth to stay during the trial.


Jensen confirms with KCCR News that they already have had hundreds of supporters interested in coming to Pierre from across the entire state.

Jensen says they have only secured rooms for a portion of those folks because of the limited hotel options in Pierre. They are still working on a solution for the rest of the Bosworth supporters.

Read it here.

If Pierre can host multiple conventions, including the 6th Annual South Dakota Cornhole State Championships, I suspect that very easily, they can find adequate housing for the people who want to watch Bosworth attempt her own ‘cornholing’ of the justice system.  (yes, that’s an intentional entendre’)

Since they’re already floating the false “limited hotel options,” despite a thousand or more hotel rooms in the Pierre/Ft. Pierre area, I’m suspecting that’s the excuse they’re going to claim when it all turns out to be BS. Seriously, I think it’s delusional to think that ‘hundreds’ of people are going to show up in any way, shape or form.

Unless they’re coming to watch the judicial equivalent of a bad car accident, as Annette explains that yes, she was in the Philippines, but those people intended to sign her petition.

(I suppose I should thank timing and providence that I have my #3 daughter graduating this next weekend, otherwise I’d be “fighting for seating” with those hundreds of supporters as the trial proceeds next week.)

11 thoughts on “Boz employee claims “hundreds of supporters” coming to Pierre. Anyone buying that line?”

  1. Journalism is in a sad state when a reporter takes a statement about a lack of motel rooms at face value and repeats it without questioning it, Or even checking the availability of rooms at the Super 8. Or contacting the Chamber of Commerce. Sloppy.

    1. A quick search on shows 8 out of 11 motels have rooms still available for May 20-27. Those dates would cover the trial I think?

  2. By supporters I’m going to assume that all the voices in her head have finally formed a team and are now calling themselves ‘supporters’.

  3. Do most medical clinics in South Dakota have a “trial supervisor” on staff or is that just unique to Meaningful Medicine?
    FYI: the paint just dried and the doors are open on a brand new My Place hotel in Ft. Pierre.

  4. Come to think about it, it might be difficult to accommodate imaginary friends. I seem to recall an interesting episode of Sesame Street in which Big Bird was quite challenged by the logistics of taking Mr Snuffleupagus with him on a vacation in Hawaii

  5. That bus and a few of the known Boz supporters will face a few scary obstacles going to Pierre including federal checkpoints taking guns away, driving by FEMA internment camps, exposure to overhead mind controlling chemtrails, government controlled robot bees, and whatever else is in their minds.

  6. Hey, it’s tough to book real rooms for mythical supporters with mythical money. Lighten up. Times are tough for analog con artists in this digital theft world.

  7. Next Boz Press Conference: Standing in front of a graffiti covered hotel claiming Jackely and crew purposely booked all of the hotel rooms to keep her legions of supporters out of Pierre!

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