Brown County IT Director on the hot seat with County Commission testimony

From KDLT News:

Commissioners say their decision was based on issues that came up before and during the fair, but they wouldn’t disclose any details under the argument that it is a personnel matter.

Pfeifer says commissioners told her their decision came after she forgot to order two trophies out of over 100 and didn’t submit two grant applications. She says she submitted the applications and “didn’t do anything wrong.”

You’d think that working for the Brown County Commission is a tough gig, with the fair manager being fired for forgetting to order a couple of trophies. But contrast that with the IT Director for the county, who seems to have weathered storms, and is currently in the middle of another one.

From You Tube, Matt Deilke, testifying in front of the Brown County Commission, set up this camera so his testimony could be memorialized and shared:

Republican Commissioner Rachel Kippley indicated to the Aberdeen American News that she plans to look into the issue further. What do you think?

Is the person testifying continuing a personal beef with the IT Director? Or is there trouble? Trouble with a capital “T,” which rhymes with “B,” that stands for Brown County?

7 thoughts on “Brown County IT Director on the hot seat with County Commission testimony”

  1. Pat-there is a lot more on this issue. Its more than “forgetting to order a couple of trophy’s” She says that they gave her three reasons, but didn’t remember the third. Well the 3rd may be the big one that is “forgetting” Rumors that have some legs are going around.

  2. Hansen was a total jerk at the end of the video when she threw something back at the guy testifying. WOW!!!

    I was impressed with Kippley for at least taking this seriously. No one else said anything.

  3. Remember that Pfeiffer was the third Fair manager in the past four years, and was only hired a few months before the fair – short notice by major event standards. Once management turnover in any organization exceeds a certain point, the issues are organizational, not personal.

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