Citizens for Liberty seeking pledge not to pledge. Do they have an actual function?

From my mailbox, the Citizens for Liberty group that spends all too much time attacking Republicans is… attacking Republican leadership once again.

And trying to pretend that they have a purpose.

Today’s silliness is that they’re sending a long-winded demand to legislators.. to pledge that they are not going to pledge to belong to the Republican caucus:

It’s signed by Tonchi Weaver, who last we saw was trying to get taxpayers to compile the CFL’s cherrypicked scorecard, and working on petitions to raise tobacco taxes.

Neither of which sounds very conservative to me.

Aside from claiming they KNOW “information indicates you have signed and submitted the Republican Caucus Memorandum dated July 11, 2018,” despite the fact that no one is providing them that information, they’re using the same tactics used by South Dakota Gun Owners where if you don’t respond they might not “be accurate in our report to the public.”

I think candidates should consider their latest e-mail less consequential than the rolled tissue in their personal water closets.

At least that serves a function.

Unlike the Citizens for Liberty.

28 thoughts on “Citizens for Liberty seeking pledge not to pledge. Do they have an actual function?”

    1. You will need to drop em and be inspected before entering the Nelsonian Senate Caucus office lavatory.

    2. I do believe it was the House head in which Mr. Nelson hid from the vote. I heard they had to remodel it at tremendous taxpayer expense.

  1. i do believe that the lack of a solid democrat presence in south dakota has made this war-ready group totally insane, seeing anti-liberty corruption everywhere they turn. to quote a famous past presidential contender, it’s sad. just sad. to draw a comparison, this group wants the right to keep setting mom’s business on fire, AND keep living in her basement while issuing constant rules and demands to the rest of the family. wow.

  2. So they bring up EB-5 and GEAR UP again, as if either of them had anything to do with the legislature.

  3. Their ignorance is stunning. Tonchi and the rest have destroyed what little relevance they may have had.

  4. With so many real issues facing South Dakotans and so much real work to solve them, every time I see Tonchi walk toward me on the Senate Floor I turn my back and walk away. She is like “Chicken-Little” crying the sky is falling! There is real work to me done! Tonchi, stop wasting my time!

  5. Just the other day, I had a very long voice mail which began:

    “We are calling you because it appears you have improperly submitted your tax returns for the last five years and subject to major fines and imprisonment. If this information is incorrect, please respond immediately and we will notify the IRS to halt their process of filing judgements against you and seizing your property.”

    The only difference between that voice mail and this letter is the voice mail instructed me to have all my bank account numbers and sign-in passwords available.

    But as I read on I nearly choked when I read “We recommend that you immediately fill out and email the following letter to the chamber leader to whom you mailed your signed “memorandum.” Or what? Not let them come into your treehouse? Call their mommy? Is this analogous to telling me to have my bank account sign-in information available?

    However, it is comforting to know they are following their mission statement to “reach out and encourage” because it is good to follow your rules. (I make this last comment because one is to speak differently to people based on their IQ and what they can handle. This is very obviously a person whose IQ is under 85 and can only understand affirmation so it is good to end all interactions with a kind pat on the head.)

    1. excellent point, i too thought ‘what are you going to do if people disobey?’ when i read this.

  6. I dunno. The figure on the letterhead is wearing a cowboy hat, so isn’t this group then legitimate and bursting with integrity and patriotism?

    I’m a citizen of South Dakota and I’m not concerned, so they don’t speak for me. Why don’t they say “Some citizens of South Dakota who listen to our balderdash are concerned. . .”; it would be more factual.

  7. “Neither of which sounds very conservative to me.”

    Having the LRC make available to South Dakota citizens a compilation of all the votes of their legislative representatives is not conservative, but cherrypicking? Attacking conservatives in order to keep registered Republican voters in the dark in regard to some very liberal voting is not very conservative, and is instead the kind of hate-filled tactics you would see from Cory Heidelberger.

    1. WHO decides what constitutes a liberal voting record. we’d all feel better if an impartial arbiter settled this instead of a participant with an axe to grind.

      1. “WHO decides”: informed citizens make that determination. Sad that the SDGOP Establishment does not want “informed citizens”.

        1. the problem with what you’re saying, Steve Sibson, is that i don’t agree with the practice of cherry-picking certain votes, stating what you want them to mean to people, and expect to derive ‘informed citizens’ from that process. everyone can listen to the committee meetings and floor debate online and talk directly to legislators like many of us do instead. tell me that my way of informing myself is wrong. tell me.

          1. “to derive ‘informed citizens’ from that process. everyone can listen to the committee meetings and floor debate online and talk directly to legislators like many of us do”

            And that is exactly the process that those who put together the scorecards go through. So, the scorecards are constructed by “informed citizens”.

        1. For some reason, I have to reenter my name on each comment. Forgot to do that in the above comment. Sorry about that.

  8. I agree with 3:03. Who the hell is this woman to speak for “the citizens of South Dakota?” How arrogant!

  9. Tonchi “Tobacco Tax” Weaver is getting annoying.

    Sure looks like this non-lawyer is giving legal advice –isn’t that a crime?

  10. Steve,

    I had that happen to me when on a previous version of Firefox. Doesn’t happen now. If you are not on Firefox, can’t help ya figure out which gremlin gotcha.

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