Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s Weekly Column: The Kind of Father My Husband Is

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The Kind of Father My Husband Is
By Rep. Kristi Noem
June 12, 2015

kristi noem headshot May 21 2014Moms tend to notice things that don’t get done. I’ll admit it. I’m guilty. I can drive in the driveway and see that the yard needs to be mowed or the fences painted.  I’ll walk in the house and see the pile of shoes by the door or the laundry that needs to be folded. Moms tend to be multi-taskers; only able to relax when everything is put away, kids are clean, and animals fed. And if we are tired or overwhelmed, you will hear us say “Honey, will you?”

At our house, Bryon completes many of our chores. I am gone most weeks to DC and he is left to handle all things related to work, kids, the ranch, and the house until I come home on the weekend. I know that I am blessed to have a husband who recognizes how wonderful it is for me to come home to a clean house and tended family – and he tries to make that happen.

But what makes me love him more each day is to come home to happy children. You see, I married Bryon because I loved him and wanted to build a life with him, but at the time, I really had no idea what kind of a father he would be. I had a sneaking suspicion he would be a great dad because he has a wonderful father who is a great role model. Bryon loves the Lord and understands the responsibility that God gives to men leading their families. As the years went by and the kids were born, his actions revealed to me how he viewed fatherhood. He served.

He gave Kassidy her first bath. In fact, my mom came to stay with us for a few days after Kassidy was born and soon she came to me and said, “I might as well go home. Bryon won’t let me do anything.”

When Kennedy was a baby, she had reflux so bad, everyone was reluctant to hold her because of the spit up bath she was sure to give them.  But her dad held her constantly and thought it was “cute.”

Booker was such a sick little boy with so many breathing problems that he needed multiple inhalers, medications, and constant trips to the hospital. Bryon prayed over him every night, asking God to heal our little boy.

When you look at our family home videos, you will find they were all taken by Bryon. I’m not sure it ever occurred to me to document those busy years. Yet there are hours and hours of video of the kids playing, talking, and sometimes just watching TV! It is almost as if he knew how special those moments were and wanted to save them for me to enjoy when I decided to slow down enough to appreciate them.

His gifts to our children are not often material. They are not fancy or over the top. But he gives our children so much more. Bryon teaches them the importance of hard work, independence, the value of the dollar and responsibility, while also making sure they know they are special, unique and loved.

When I stop to really think about what his busy weeks must be like when he is running his business, coaching athletic teams, organizing the kids’ schedules, keeping the house running and remembering to buy milk, I remember how blessed I am. And when I get home and hear the stories of the week and listen to my children’s laughter in the retelling, I thank God for the father He gave to Kassidy, Kennedy and Booker.


7 thoughts on “Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s Weekly Column: The Kind of Father My Husband Is”

  1. Bryan is a good man.

    When I read this I think Kristi is missing too much from her kids lives as a mom. I’m not sure it would be worth it to serve in congress when it comes right down to it to miss your kids growing up.

    While I think more of Bryan after reading this I also think she has her priorities backwards as a mom.

      1. No. I said I think her priorities come off backwards in this column. Reading the column made me think she was really missing out on her kids lives.

        Opinions are not offensive. But it’s obviously a sensitive topic. I’m just saying she appears to be missing a very large part of her kids youth. Is it worth it?

        Her kids live 1500 miles away from her. Her husband probably doesn’t see her a ton. There are many sacrifices with serving in congress. I’m guessing the two of them struggle with the idea of one being in DC and the other in SD. And when she’s in SD they are tagging along to events.

        Her kids will be grown soon.

        Most families couldn’t do what they do.

        1. it is patently offensive to read your comments dismissing noem’s decision to serve in congress as “backward priorities.” male or female, people with a particular talent for political leadership have to decide what to do with that god-given talent. i know many women who LEAD, and the hours they choose to spend away from their families cause them very much personal anguish and ambivalence. it seems insulting to me whenever some armchair quarterback belittles this pain with a tossed off remark about how its her defect or something. this column is a tribute to the most valued supporting member of team noem, which is bryan noem. i would join the many many others who voted for kristi in the last election to tell you to just stuff your derisive smear about misplaced values. you belittle hard work and sacrifice when you do that.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to Bryon and to his father Al. Also it is refreshing to know that the Noems DO teach their children good work ethic. The kids do not have “limelight” jobs..just good, old fashioned, hard work.

  3. With all the “man bashing” and “man ridiculing” on TV and elsewhere these days, it is very refreshing to read a great article like this one.

  4. What a great column by Kristi. She honored Bryon. The kids are truly blessed to have GREAT Parents.

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