Conservative Caucus might be a little… insecure in their manliness.

The other day when State Senator Stace Nelson was bleating out the announcement of the formation of an exclusive Conservative Caucus that was only open to the membership of people determined by his… ahem.. Citizens for Liberty’s cherry-picked scorecard, I visited the facebook page for the organization, and it just seemed that something was odd about the poorly cobbled together logo.

It had a Republican Elephant.. holding what looked like a Libertarian torch. But I didn’t figure it out until I searched for the original clip art that this was obviously taken from:

Someone made it look like the trunk was tied in a knot to hold the torch. But there was one more detail that popped out when you read the photo description for the logo:

“The charging bull elephant carrying the torch of liberty on high, symbolizes the courage of Republicans to lead the way on open government, fighting corruption, limiting government, protecting Constitutional rights, fighting for the freedom of enslaved Americans, and fighting for the voting rights of women.”

Aside from the nonsensical parts of their raison d’etre, the first sentence tips it off. And then you can’t unsee it. “The charging bull elephant carrying the torch of liberty.   Oooookay…  Someone actually added some boy parts to this logo.

I’m not sure how seriously we can take a group that calls everyone a RINO, and tries to prove their worthiness over other Republicans by exposing their junk… in their logo, that is.

12 thoughts on “Conservative Caucus might be a little… insecure in their manliness.”

  1. I wonder how you feel about the freedom caucas?? I bet you think they are ultra liberals too.

  2. Anatomically correct offends ? Me speculates you’ve been playing with dolls for too long.

    1. Who is offended?

      You should ask why Stace needs to add nuts to an elephant picture.

  3. “Someone actually added some boy parts to this logo.”

    An obvious leftwing conspiracy theory. Sounds like something Heidelberger would invent.

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