17 Replies to “Dakota Posts, State Nosh edition”

  1. Anne Beal

    too bad nobody suggested it should be pork, and then it could have been defeated on the grounds that it’s offensive to Jews and Muslims

    1. Anonymous

      Much better drawing.

      It does make a great point…pointless legislation which makes everyone look bad…like they don’t have anything more important to do…

      At least Stace is not trying to pass a Constitutional Amendment to allow women in a non-existent militia…oh wait…(he is)…nevermind

    2. Anonymous

      Tara, she is not …she was making fun of Nesiba and Stce’s exchange…and you do not even know what you said….

  2. grudznick

    Why does Mr. Nesiba have an odd stocking hat on? Is he a Pinko? Is he wearing pants behind that podium?

  3. Anonymous

    Best part of this is the drawing of Matt Michels. Not sure why he is in the cartoon but it really makes the whole thing.

  4. grudznick

    Messrs. Nelson and Nesiba seem drawn very realistically, but Matt Michels isn’t left handed. That offsets the entire reality of Nelson’s belt and belly.

  5. anon

    i saw a girl scout wearing a pussy hat while selling cookies.
    does the state have an officially chosen girl scout cookie?