Dan Lederman, Executive Board officers re-elected at GOP State Central Committee Meeting


The South Dakota Republican Party announced that Chairman Dan Lederman and Vice-Chairwoman Linda Rausch were re-elected to their current positions at the Republican State Central Committee on Saturday afternoon.

At the meeting, Lederman thanked the county delegates for their trust in the direction that the party had taken over the past two years. “In the last election, we retained our incredibly high number of Republicans in the State Legislature, and swept every statewide office, including the historic election of Kristi Noem to the Governor’s office. I can’t wait to start working for the next election, where we plan to deliver another win for Dusty Johnson to Congress, Mike Rounds to the U.S. Senate, and to give Donald Trump four more years in the White House.”

Along with Lederman & Rausch, State Republican Treasurer Justin Bell and State Party Secretary Marilyn Oakes were retained by the meeting of County Republican organizations from across the state, bringing back by unanimous vote the entire leadership team that helped deliver a winning ballot for Republicans this past November.

Regional Directors who sit as part of the South Dakota Republican Party’s Executive Board, were also selected. Serving on the panel will be Region 1 – Karon Gubbrud, Region 2 – Roger Meyer. Region 3 -Anne Beal, Region 4- David Wheeler, Region 5 – Jason Williams, and Region 6 – Linn Hendrickson.
Lederman added “2018 was a group effort, and every single member of the Republican team was a vital part of making it happen. My best advice to the Democrats is to look out for the GOP, because we’re ready for the next round!”

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