Day 2 of the Daily Digest. The genesis of the newsletter; When good ideas just go wrong.

I just kicked day 2 of the SDWC’s daily digest out the door, and…. it seems to be working. In case you’re interested in reading it, just click here.    If you haven’t signed up yet, just enter your e-mail in the sign-up form in the left hand column here at

It’s a nice place to try a few new things in terms of format, while presenting the latest from the SDWC in a different manner, as well as other noteworthy items .

The newsletter came about as an offshoot of something I wanted to do about 2 years ago, which I’d developed and started testing.

RMRAnd let’s just say the response wasn’t what I was looking for.  Because I like to embarrass myself, here’s how it started out, as you can see pictured on the left.

I was thinking “red meat” for the conservative masses, and was quite proud of the theme I’d put together with pictured of steaks, cutting boards, and steak knife bullets.  I even bought the URL.

So, after several weeks of fine tuning, I finally was able to send it out to a few people I use as a sounding board.

And, not only was it universally loathed, it was also universally mocked, and unintentionally a bit too much like the “Don’t Jerk and Drive” campaign. Let’s just say that experience put me off of developing the newsletter, and trying to come up with something new.

ddigestFast forward 18 months, and I found myself looking for ways to add value to the SDWC.  And revisiting the newsletter concept was always a consideration, especially once I got past giving up the whole red meat thing.

It’s still a work in progress, but I’m generally happy with how the final product looks so far.

And, On day 2, we’re up to 24 recipients, so the only place for the daily digest to go is up!