DNC Party Chair coming to SD to help Dems. Who have no one for her to help.

This is a good one, and it’s been kept fairly quiet in the press.

Her donors hate her. The White House might not like her so much. She throws verbal-blunder bombs all over the place.  She says stuff so off the wall even CNN calls her out.

Yet, South Dakota Democrats led by Ann Tornberg are happily bringing in one of the most partisan people in the country, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida to be their dinner speaker.  (As in one dinner, because that’s all they generally have.)


It’s right there on their web site. But with no information. No “Read more here.”  It’s like they’re specifically downplaying her appearance.

So, on April 18th, the National Democrat Chairwoman is going to be in South Dakota to boost the SDDP.

If only Democrats had candidates for Wasserman Schultz to help.

9 thoughts on “DNC Party Chair coming to SD to help Dems. Who have no one for her to help.”

  1. She’s a big deal because of her national position but why wouldn’t they bring in John Tester or Heidie Heitkamp? Someone more relatable to SD? Why not bring in Pelosi if you are going to bring in Wasserman Schultz? Isn’t that the equivalent?

  2. Basically the liberals in the SDDP are as bad for the SDDP as the Stace Nelson, Gordon Howie phony tea party activists are for the SD GOP.

    The SDDP needs someone from the main stream to grow a pair and stop with this insanity on the left. Obama is the most toxic president ever. I know it sucks to think about but Obama is more toxic than Bush was at the end.

  3. She will show up and tell them how courageous they all are for fighting all the racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic people of South Dakota.

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