Democrat Chairwoman: “It’s been worse.” Reality: No. It really hasn’t been.

From the Capitol Journal comes an almost bizarre line of propaganda out of Democrat Chairwoman Ann Tornberg to the coffee clutch size gathering of Democrats she was able to entice to listen:

Ann Tornberg, elected last month as chairwoman of the South Dakota Democratic Party, told the group of 17 that in this new year, when there are only 20 Democrats among the 105 legislators meeting in the Capitol in Pierre, it will take grassroots organizing by everyone to bring the party back to relevance.

It’s been worse, and the same things that worked for the party back then can again, said Tornberg, who is 59 and from Beresford.


Of the 17 who met at the Long Branch saloon downtown on Pierre Street on Monday evening to hold the regular meeting of the Hughes and Stanley counties’ Democrats and to hear Tornberg, two were men and four were college women working as interns in the Legislature.


Tornberg ran for the state Senate from District 16 near Sioux Falls, losing to Republican incumbent Dan Lederman, despite touting herself as pro-life, pro-family, pro-agriculture and pro-education.

She got nearly 45 percent of the vote and forced Lederman to spend $75,000, Tornberg said. And she can relate to many Democrats in the state in knowing the bad feeling of losing an election, she said.

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Where do I start?   Tornberg tries to turn the Democrat frowns upside down by telling them “It’s been worse.”  Reality to Anne: No, it hasn’t. It really hasn’t been worse.  If it has been worse, it hasn’t been in our lifetimes.

obamas_allyThe even funnier part was the line where she claimed “She…. forced Lederman to spend $75,000.”  Another dose of reality to Tornberg: How did she force him to do this? With psychic ability?

Dan didn’t spend it out of his own pocket. He didn’t write the check from personal funds. Lederman was able to raise $75,000 to beat Tornberg because people didn’t want a hyper-political Obama sycophant in office.

The voters in District 16 had rejected Tornberg for office several times already, and made the 2014 election an exclamation point after she’d wrapped her arms around Obama in the previous cycle, hosting events for his re-election.

And serving as the Democrats’ convention chairwoman didn’t help much either.

So, as Tornberg spouts this message of Democrat hope across the State, she should keep those things in mind, lest her nose start growing like Pinocchio’s . This IS the low point for Democrats, and whatever she did in the last election, as far as Republicans are concerned, she can keep doing it.

8 thoughts on “Democrat Chairwoman: “It’s been worse.” Reality: No. It really hasn’t been.”

  1. that’s kind of like john cleese’s black knight in “monty python and the holy grail” when a limb is chopped off.

  2. The last time I checked Lederman hadn’t spent even close to that much. I think Tornberg is throwing out an inflated number to get attention. She should shut up or show where she gets her number.

  3. Wow! 17 attendees! So, Tornberg couldn’t even get all the Dem legislators to show up. The Pierre Cap Journal decided to make that the top headline over the budget address. What a joke.

  4. The only way for Democrats to save their party is to kick the likes of Obama and Pelosi to the curb,
    Hence the blather coming from MSNBC about “will the Republican controlled Senate impeach the President?”

    In their dreams. The Republicans aren’t going to do them that favor. The longer Obama remains in his office the more Democrats will be voted out of theirs

    1. I’ll chime in with a suggestion that the SD Dems need to cut all ties with the likes of Corey Heildeberger and his hate-posse of racists & sexists.

      One glance at his rants, and the amens from his underwear-clad groupies, leaves one feeling icky and sad that such bigoted views exist in a modern and progressive SD.

      Until the Dems disown Cory and his gang of old angry white guys, they’ll soon devolve even further to third-party status.

      1. It’s getting pretty desperate over at Madville with a couple of those angry men one of which is from New Mexico

        1. Yes, I see that Krazy Kurtz has been reading the DWC–I wonder if he’s been served any warrants in NM?

  5. They finally disposed of Zac Crago. Only to replace him with an even less competent Lucy George.

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