Down the Road to the Lincoln County Lincoln/Reagan Denim and Diamonds Dinner

patnsydI was planning on making a jaunt to USD today to see my daughter in the parade. Until she said something about parents not coming.

Somehow, I think it was her intention to have fun as a 21 year old. Given her participation in Strollers, I think that might be a mandate.

About that time, it so happened that a friend asked me if I could go to tonight’s Lincoln County Lincoln/Reagan Denim and Diamonds Dinner in his stead. So, what’s a Republican to do? I packed up my daughter who happens to be the State Vice Chair of the Teenage Republicans, and we hit the road!

Here’s rare visual proof that I’m not driving like a bat out of hades down the Interstate and blogging over my phone. I left that to my #4, keeping both eyes, and at least one hand on the wheel at all times.

I arrived, and like most dinners,  it’s old home week.


Here, Jason Ravnsborg and Jim Bolin enjoy each other’s company at a table.


State Senator Ernie Otten tells the tables where to start the procession to the chow line. I’m not sure why, but I ended up being last.


Secretary of State Shantel Krebs and Senator Phyllis Heinemann chat for a moment by the Water Cooler.


Chris Nelson and Marty Jackley help to honor Representative Arch Beal for his service to the Lincoln Co GOP.


Ryan Brunner gives an update on the Office of School & Lands…. and then keeps going back to watch the SDSU/NDSU game for some reason . 🙂


Mark Mickelson stands up to see who is bidding so darned high on that limited edition Reagan print.


Senator/Auctioneer David Omdahl is calling out the bids, and helping to raise money for the cause.


Senator Phyllis Heinemann and newly minted State Senator Bill Shorma watch the program.


Lincoln County GOP Chair Betty Otten gives an emotional farewell to the crowd.


And Argus Leader Political Reporter Dana Ferguson gets to experience her first South Dakota Lincoln Day Dinner. We’ll see if she’s still enthused after another 20-30 chicken dinners.

(Although, Trust me – there’s a county up north that serves home-cooked prime rib that can’t be beat!)

10 thoughts on “Down the Road to the Lincoln County Lincoln/Reagan Denim and Diamonds Dinner”

  1. I didn’t expect to see our junior Senator at this Lincoln Day Dinner or any other, but no staff either? Poor taste to snub the state’s third most populous county. I guess we’ll see them at the 2020 dinner.

      1. Ravnsborg is working it hard. Other candidates should probably make up their minds if they are just going to hand him the office or if they want to campaign. I don’t see anyone from the AG’s office there so I assume no one is running for it from the inside.

  2. I see vice chair of the SD GOP Drake Olson showing up on the left side of the Mark Mickelson picture. I love his dedication to the party.

  3. Thank you for coming, Pat! It WAS amazing how many friends came out with all the activities taking place, especially as you noted, USD homecoming. Also wanted to acknowledge Kristi Fiegen stopping by… so awesome to see her out and about again after her successful breast cancer surgery! I believe we have the best supporters in the state!

  4. Lincoln Day dinners are similar to DU Banquets. You win the big gun of the nights big raffle and people talk about it for a few days. (What you do with that big gun will determine your continued success.)

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