East Coast Journalists apparently “hate us, because they ain’t us.” South Dakota that is.

According to the American Institute for Economic Research, some of the negative press coming at South Dakota from some journalists over COVID might be.. because we don’t really care what east coast journalists say about South Dakota:

What’s driving the anti-Dakotas vendetta is that the mainstream media overwhelmingly support authoritarian measures and governors of both states have resisted them.

“Unlike other states, South and North Dakota never fully closed down,” as the leftist Vox put it in its article “Why North And South Dakota Are Suffering The Worst Covid-19 Epidemics In The U.S.” Hence the alleged direct correlation between cases and gross irresponsibility in not mandating curfews, masks in the bathtub, and so on. Except … while South Dakota did indeed rank first in relaxed rules as of last month, North Dakota ranked ninth according to the tracking service Wallethub.


The flip side of all this is that if light lockdown governors are reviled, then the totalitarian ones must be celebrated. And they are. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this year ordered Covid-19 patients to be placed into nursing facilities, then lied about it. And no, the mainstream media did not let him off the hook. As a result, as many as 6,600 people in those facilities died – many times more than the official total for the Dakotas. Yet the good governor has just received a special Emmy Award “in recognition of his leadership during the Covid19 pandemic.”

In other words, the more orders you issue the more of a hero you are. Is it any wonder that the only award being given the Dakota governors is the wrong side of the cat o’ nine tails?

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  1. Noem will face the true test soon .. we are watching closely.

    It is not acceptable to run a de facto shutdown through municipal leadership.

    The governor needs to lift her executive order and create another one that clarifies that The State of South Dakota will sue the pants off any entity trying to lock down and mandate masks outside of federal Martial Law. If there is a real virus, I’ll wear a respirator and goggles. Otherwise, dispense with the theatrics.

    We’re pulling for you, Governor!

    1. a lot of people, a silent majority if you will, have had no problem masking indoors, social distancing and complying with other sensible requests; requests that add a scientifically justified buffer to human contact, for the duration of a disease outbreak that has killed more than ten times the number of people who die from influenza. we see the same newscasts, hear the same information and i will never understand where the notion that the mask is a new enslavement comes from. it is a prudent community response, for those who do choose to believe it’s a worthwhile act to protect others and slow the way that coronavirus or any disease spreads right now. i remember when conservative meant ‘prudent’ and not fall-on-your-own-sword-contrary to everything.

      1. Cite your source on the deaths. Last I heard, comorbidities and misclassifications were inflating those numbers up to 15x.

        I am disappointed that there are so many deniers and conspiracy theorists regarding the nature of this plandemic.

        Are you also a holocaust denier?

        1. There was a Johns-Hopkins study that belies the Covid death rate, but it got taken down because of an over-reaching government stifling dissent.

          1. i’ve not seen anything that has convinced me to stop using the original mortality projections from last winter although i bet you’re just full of revised revisions.

            1. So it appears you can’t come up with the source you were asked to cite to back up your BS? We are all still waiting.

  2. We put infected patients back into nursing homes. When hospital beds are needed for more serious cases, where else do you put them? The street? They don’t have a home and most don’t have family who can give them the care they need. Back to the nursing home they go.

  3. Hmmmm. SD has an increase in China Flu. So does North Dakota. So does Iowa. But wait! So does Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. All of those states have draconian measures in effect and have essentially shut down their economies. Could it be the increases in the China Flu have more to do with being regional and perhaps weather? I read somewhere covid viruses tend to retract in the summer and return when it gets cool out. It also seems to me that some of those eastern states are having an increase.

  4. Somebody is going to need to run against her in the primary. Otherwise we are going to have Governor Sutton.

    1. ha. as if. unless sutton is switching parties? that is theee only thing that could give him an outside chance at a win in this state.

  5. It’s not an inconvenience to care enough about others to wear a mask. Only selfish, egotistical bottom dwellers make excuses not to.

    1. Cares About You…

      For 70 years the CDC told everyone that only N95 masks worked, and only if worn properly and replaced often in clinical settings. That entirely scientific reasoning changed last spring for entirely political reasons. Masks for all!

      The only problem is, all other masks, especially the cloth diapers we see everywhere, are worthless, even dangerous. They trap CO2 and restrict O2 up to 10 percent, so immunity is affected by extended reduced oxygen levels. Meantime, besides all the food crud and germs exhaled, the masks means wearers inhale these in an artificially humid environment. And such masks act like a car grill, only they snag oodles of viruses instead of mosquitos. Which means you can still get others sick harboring the virus on the outside of your mask.

      Your reaction also implies that the rest of us who show no symptoms can get others sick. This is highly doubtful, as people without symptoms likely have relatively few viruses to shed. In other words, we’re not a bunch of Typhoid Marys.

      One other thing… A study on community spread that the CDC did in July showed zero correlation — workers in restaurants and bars who wore masks “always” got the virus at the same rate as those who wore masks “rarely or never.”

      If facts are excuses, I’m guilty.

  6. “authoritarian measures”?

    Come on. Requiring people to wear a mask, socially distance or avoid crowds during a PANDEMIC… is authoritarian?

    Yea. Like the “authoritarian” act of evacuating a hotel that’s engulfed in flames. Please stop following this craziness and think for yourselves.

    1. Logic like that my friend is why nobody takes you seriously. There is a virus in our environment not a nuclear disaster. Having survived the virus I can attest that locking yourself up is the wrong approach but you go ahead with your way but stop telling what is best for me.

      1. Having friends and relatives who DID NOT survive the virus, I think I can say with certainty that you do not know “what is best”.

        But thanks for speaking for “nobody”.

      2. Jimv… I cannot convince you to avoid the virus. Too late anyway. Your spreading it to someone that may die from it… that’s a bit more complicated. You don’t think that you have a responsibility to prevent that?

        I think you know better. You just have to parrot the talking points from above.

  7. And Jimv… having gotten the virus, yourself, I will take your advice on one thing. How to get the virus.

  8. ” more to do with being regional and perhaps weather”

    Or, with the disposition toward patriotism and freedom of the affected regions.

    The evidence on PCR and other tests is clear .. they can be adjusted to trigger weaponized legal measures to take away freedom.

    It’s turnkey medical tyranny.

    1. just so we’re clear, you’re fighting for the right to broadcast your body fluids to a whole roomful of people basically any time you feel like it, instead of cooperating with efforts to reduce such airborne material. oh and the freedom of all peoples to strike such a blow to tyranny themselves.

      1. Enquirer,

        Since the “experts” advocated policies with wreckless disregard of a host of public health challenges in the aggregate significantly bigger than Covid, have proposed policies for periods not realistic to sustain (these so-called experts work with people who can’t stop smoking or eating or abusing drugs to save their life and they are so stupid to think they can impose on these same people isolation, job loss, no smiles and expect compliance), have used coercion, shame and blatant deception to manipulate behavior of the public, I’ve taken it upon myself discern what I think is proper balanced action for myself and the common good.

        Not everybody is capable of being Anne Frank as all the mean-hearted memes and shame have demanded. 20% of adults suffer from some form of mental health challenge. 10% of adults struggle with sobriety. Many of them have children living with them. In the aggregate they exceed the number susceptible serious consequences from Covid.

        I’m standing with and for all the people who have born the bulk of the cost of the policies you’ve supported.

      2. i’m truly sad to be arguing with you over this sir. the overall danger is not 100 percent and it is not 0 percent. in terms of dynamics, the elimination of masking presents as big an obstacle to personal freedom as a requirement to mask. i don’t want anyone’s COVID and you could give it to me three days before you even feel sick yourself. to sum up, whether democrats call me a nazi, or whether the conservative coffee clatch calls me a nazi, it’s still a horrible distortion of true nazism.

        1. Enquirer…

          Troy’s reference to Anne Frank is about severe isolation, not Nazis. So stuff your phony outrage.

          As for your insistence that masks protect others, if that was true, no one in nursing homes and hospitals would ever catch the virus, as staff does everything right. The virus beats our every effort to block it and surges and ebbs on its own schedule. Our only protection is our natural immunity, and the facts are, if you’re under 60 and in fair health, your immune system will almost certainly defeat Covid-19.

          1. i wasn’t talking about his anne frank reference. the hard right is who is comparing health laws to a new holocaust so shame on you for defending such misuse of history.

            1. Nice dodge to shift to something not even mentioned.

              Cliff defended nothing except criticize pulling out the Nazi card.

  9. The other day I’m having a “policy discussion” with a person and after them having really conceded from the facts* the person said “But don’t you care how the rest of the country thinks about us?”

    My answer: Not a bit. They think virtue signaling, giving the allusion of safety and disregarding the impact of their words/policies has on the 20% of adults with mental health problems, 10% of adults who struggle with dependency or the kids who live with these people. I think they are fools.

    * One of my points was: You keep saying we we have to do this until we have a vaccine and then you say we don’t know if we have natural immunity after we get it. The disconnect: The vaccine mimics an infection and stimulates an immune response. In other words, if we don’t get natural immunity, the vaccine is a placebo. Of course, nobody has ever made the “experts” answer for their duplicitous and conflicting bromides on this matter or most everything else that has come from their mouths.

  10. If you’re old enough you remember Schmitt Big Mouths; Pull top two inch lids on glass bottles at the Lazy “D” Saloon S Yankton. Coolest beers ever sold until enough low life losers cut their fingers opening them and Schmitt decided to discontinue selling them. Can’t remember ever needing stitches but sure once in awhile a bit of skin left a finger.
    If you’re one of the people who try telling us you never ever cut you’re finger on a Schmitt Big Mouth you really weren’t there now were you…. ? 40 years ago snap your fingers.

    In 40 years from now what will our young people remember of growing up well?

  11. Enquirer,

    1) Hadley is correct. My comment is to the coercive shamers who invoke Anne Frank to minimize any assertion there is a downside to isolation. A person with certain social mental health issues can’t be like Anne Frank for a day. I suggest you re-read what I wrote as it appears your reading comprehension was off that day.

    2) I did NOT invoke personal freedom to wear a mask or not. I invoked my personal freedom and prudential judgment to resist the policy which makes Covid the #1 public health issue and its mitigations which show absolutely no consideration for people with other maladies. I suggest you re-read what I wrote as it appears your reading comprehension was off that day.

    3) The reality is there is a less than 2% chance (likely .05% but I’ll just stipulate to the biggest possible number) at any given moment I have Covid and contagious. If you are worried today might be that day and since I won’t be wearing a mask, stay away from me.

    4) To Cliff’s point regarding the spread in nursing homes where everyone is in masks (and trained to use them properly), if anything, masks may give a false sense of safety and thus actually cause more spread. The proximity I get to people not in my bubble doesn’t change whether or not they have a mask.

  12. Would you be treated at a hospital that wasn’t requiring staff to wear masks? Let me answer that for you. Not if you have a brain.

    It’s just common sense. We need to be careful.

    But Troy writes: “…since I won’t be wearing a mask, stay away from me.” Hmm. You should print that on your t-shirt.

  13. This is how the false sense of security happens: you walk into a store masked after grabbing the door handle to get in and then the cart handle. The first time you speak your jaws pulls the formerly tight fit on your nose down so you put it back up right on the orifice directly mixing heated and moist deoxygenated air with now a possibly infected viral load from your fingers. Then everything you touch may have just been touched by a sick person. Gloveless or gloved makes zero difference. Pretty soon the tiny little virus is pulled through your mask into your sinuses and boom you’ve just been infected with a mask on.

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