Even Dems throwing cold water on notion anyone able to challenge John Thune

I found this response to President Trump’s tweet interesting.

Tessa Gould, former Chief of staff to former SD Congresswoman (Now Augustana President) Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, and former COS to ND Senator Heidi Heitkamp has her own opinion of the President’s jab at John Thune. Literally that it’s inconceivable:

When even the Democrats are tweeting that they’ve read the polls and “no one can beat John Thune..” There might be something to that.

46 thoughts on “Even Dems throwing cold water on notion anyone able to challenge John Thune”

        1. No, he is still a feckless little boy who cannot make a decision without sticking his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. He and our two Senators voted for a bad defense bill and an even worse China flu bill that gives more money to big corporations and foreign countries than it did to the small businesses who are being killed by idiotic shutdowns that have done nothing to solve the problem.
          I am done voting for any of these three people. They have become the swamp creatures we want to get rid of. If he ever decides to grow a pair and grow up, I can change my mind, but as of now he is as bad as the Socialists running against him.

          1. Working in the swamp (which they’re elected to do) and being a swamp creature are two different things. I don’t think any of the three are.

            And I think it’s funny people don’t consider Trump a swamp creature, when he is more so than any of them. Wall Street types are as much of the swamp as anyone. He donated to powerful Dems, attended Chelsea’s wedding and hung out with Epstein. THAT’s a swamp creature.

          2. Look at what Donald Trump tweets today, to see what duggersd thinks tomorrow.

            Let me guess…. you are for a $2,000 stimulus check today?

            1. Republicans everywhere were fighting against a huge stimulus check. $2,000 each?

              Trump just pulls this stuff out of his bum and anyone who fails to agree… is a RINO?


              1. Ilk answering to his own post? Odd
                They want cuts in other places like foreign aid to help those affected by the bumbling dem & republican governors to help people. Nancy and dems wont cut anything.

            2. Actually, I would just as soon they skip it altogether. The fact of the matter is if the states with the shut downs would open up, most of the people would get their jobs. As for $2000 per person, maybe if people who do not need it did not get it. I personally have SS, a pension, and income from subbing. My wife is working from home and has not missed a paycheck. If you read ALL of President Trump’s tweet, you would not that he wants to get rid of the pork in that bribe to the people.

              1. Trump pardons all of his goons. Defends Confederate Generals. Then the President supports AOC’s socialist $2,000 stimulus checks… and he calls Thune a RINO?

                duggersd calls Dusty, Thune and Rounds “swamp creatures”?

                I think swamp creatures are the guys that barter for pardons.

                1. Interesting comment. As President Trump asked when all of this madness started, what next? Are they going to take down Washington and Jefferson? Those Confederate Generals were fighting for a cause they believed in. Perhaps since Crazy Horse was fighting against the incursion of their land, his monument near Custer should be destroyed?
                  As for the pardons, as far as I can tell most are very deserving. I dare you to compare President Trump’s pardons with those pardoned by Obama and Clinton of known terrorists.

    1. I wouldn’t. Right now, I would pick Donald Duck over John Thune. I believe Thune’s main concern is to become majority/minority leader when Cocaine Mitch is gone.

  1. Tessa Gould was Stephanie Herseth’s top aide in the US House and on her campaigns.

    So I think it is fair to say that Herseth Sandlin probably isn’t looking to challenge Thune in 2022!

  2. Trump is flailing. The RepubliyParty must move away from Trumpism. Trump has always been for him, and these last few weeks in office show it. Pathetic.
    Go Thune! Trump,
    Just disappear. Take Noem with you.

    1. Actually, I believe it is the opposite. If the GOP does not move into the direction of President Trump, there will be a third party and eventually the Republican party will become the modern day Whigs

    1. I’ve only ever had one interaction with Stace Nelson but it left me with the impression that he’s a Scuzz-Bucket.

      I hope he tries it because I’d love to see him get rolled.

  3. Election integrity matters and with 1000+ affidavits a commission should be put together if not just to put this all to rest. Thune would be wise to at least say voter integrity matters. Especially what happened to him in Shannon County when he ran against Johnson.
    This is/was a strong Trump state. He represents us.

    1. Tapio can’t afford another L on his record. Needs to run for state legislature and build his name recognition. Probably an open US Senate seat just four years later and have a better shot.

    2. He is another guy who is a legend in his own mind. The primary would be more pathetic than interesting.

  4. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in South Dakota in 2016 by 30 points. Thune defeated his Democratic opponent in the same election by 43, and secured 37,000 more votes than Trump did in the process.

  5. If there is a challenger, let him/her come forward.

    Now is the time .. Thune “hates the country”.

    “John Thune got his People interview. All it takes is trashing Trump. That’s what the RINOs crave. Ask Romney.” — Mark Levin

      1. Note that bit in my post was a quote.

        I would rather be called an idiot than not have the courage to post under my real name.

        Write it.

        Own it.

        Or remain un-credible.

  6. the only race John Thune would lose, would be for the Majority Leader position in DC if he ran against John Cornyn should something happen to Mitch McConnell. It’s widely and publicly known Cornyn is the heir-apparent and Thune can’t mount a serious campaign against him.

  7. The same voices who said Dauguard and Rounds would be vulnerable are asserting Thuneand Noem are vulnerable. Noisy unfounded speculation from the cheap seats said over and over and louder and louder is still nonsense.

    Get off social media and ask your waiter, plumber, etc. at church who they like and Thune and Noem are at the top, every time. Further, if you go poll the top five (Thune, Rounds, Noem, Johnson, Trump) on net positive, Trump is lowest.

    It’s the political reality whether you like it or not and living in fantasy is insane.

      1. I believe Thune would only win if his people run parallel construction and social suppression against potentially better candidates.

        Thune is so bad on monetary conservatism, the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments, and technology in general that a good flock of folks would probably vote for a contemplative looking stump sculpture over John Thune. Of course, if Thune would be more critical of his advisors, he might be able to work-out of the mess he created for himself.

        God help him. I feel so bad for anyone having to fight Ali Alexander and his people. Ali’s playing big league politics (Roger Stone is likely the offensive coordinator of #StopTheSteal, but perhaps only inasmuch as the lessons he taught Ali in the past guide Ali’s actions now).

  8. As I read the commentary, I’m reminded of the discussion 2-3 years ago when the GOP Senate and President presented an Obamacare reform package. At the time, the GOP controlled the House (before their shellacking in 2018) ran by Speaker Paul Ryan.

    The President was on-board, the Senate was on-board, and it failed in the House because the most conservative said it didn’t go far enough.

    So, where are we? Instead of a partial reform which would have shown the public there was an option to go farther, we have gotten to live with Obamacare unreformed for what will be at least 7 more years. And, we all know, the longer a program exists the harder it is to get rid of it.

    So pardon me for not being enamored with the “take no prisoners” approach. Self-righteous rhetoric and the failure to take partial victories when available don’t make my country stronger. The also resulted in Nancy Pelosi having the power to thwart the President’s agenda.

    John Thune is on the side of moving my country the right direction and he isn’t so stubborn as to reject small victories for he understands victories add up over time.

    1. “John Thune is on the side of moving my country the right direction and he isn’t so stubborn as to reject small victories for he understands victories add up over time.”

      But victories for whom? That is the problem I have with Thune.

    2. You stand behind the President on his accomplishments, but do you also stand behind Thune when he called on Trump to drop out of the race in ’16? How about do you stand behind Thune when he was listed as one of the few un-named sources going to the press undermining the administration?

      1. Don’t ya hate it when people are consistent and have morals.

        On the second point, the story didn’t say he was undermining the administration. It said through anonymous sources he didn’t like Trump. Big difference considering his voting record and being a team player. This is the one time the Trumpies decide to believe something in the mainstream media. Any other time is fake news. Again, consistency people. Try having some.

  9. If Trump called your mom a whore you would believe him.
    Imagine if you sat on your ass all day watching football telling your wife what to do while she’s cleaning all day and when she’s done it’s not good enough you tell her to do it over. Ya, that’s Trump.
    He only thinks about himself and how it benefits him. He gave boat loads of money to democrats and their causes helping to defeat Republicans to benefit his business and people like Thune are called RINO?

    Trump is a loser! I like presidents who win!

  10. The real story every day is that this state’s Democratic Party is disgusted at the thought of appealing to the majority electorate that exists because they’d have to adopt many moderate positions that they find unpalatable, and in fact have excoriated their electable candidates for holding. They refuse to unseat John Thune, until such time as they can herd a sufficient number of voters through a re-education effort of some sort.

  11. I like how confident Thune’s people are being ..

    Thing is .. we’ve been watching alternative (the new main stream) media .. we are seeing the evidence and we’re convinced that the election was stolen..

    From our view, Thune is helping them steal the election, and the soul of the US.

    From 5G advocacy to election theft, Senator Thune is making some very serious anti-American moves (talk is cheap). I hope he’s just playing a part in the operation, but I wouldn’t want this guy (link below) fighting me when we’ve end-arounded SD MSM, who might traditionally insulate someone like Senator Thune, who will be very easily framed as a Communist Chinese agent to his friends, family, and community.

    Thune’s advisors are not serving his interests well by opposing review of troves of evidentiary merit.

    If you’re focused on me, good, I guess.

    Cause Ali’s coming on your blind-side and he’s got Jesus on his shoulder:


    Thune’s limp-wristed “service”, this moment of crisis notwithstanding, can’t last forever.

    “We will burn it all down .. it’s either our republic, or there is no world period.” — Ali Alexander

    1. Elections talk and BS walks!
      Thune can’t even get a challenger much less a competitive race and that is for a reason; SD likes him! So take your tough talk and your lies and run against him and you will get nothing more than the kook vote. That is a direct challenge at you sir because I want this pitchfork squad humiliated!

  12. A little bird told me that Senator Thune is in the Democrat wing of the SD republican party. The bird, who could read, strangely enough, just looked at Senator Thune’s voting record, which you can do, too.

    I also heard on AM radio recently that Senator Thune spends too much money, and that thrifty plains people of SD don’t like that much.

    Pat – incoming censorship request in 3..2..?

    1. Data from 538 on how often Senators voted to support Trump. Thune checks in at 94.3%. higher than Lindsey Graham (87.3%), Tom Cotton (87.9%) or Josh Hawley (85.0%) all who are considered staunch supporters of the President.

      1. The reason Ali’s making in-roads is the existence of a disconnect between the base and the elected officials. GA Senate race is testing the present gravity of the coming GOP sea change. Journos can maintain some digression to clear election results; no self fulfilling prophesy, the currency of media of recent decades.

        Where is Rand Paul on the list?

        Tengential – Noem/Paul ticket is a #winner

        Thune is an anchor. A brick.

        I can demonstrate that, whether unwitting or not, Thune’s advocacy serves foreign interests first.

        In SD we can do better. All eyes are on us.

        Rounds is next. No more EB5 chaff.

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