Everybody who is anybody is at the Turner County Fair

Senator John Thune spent several hours at the Turner County Fair just visiting with the folks.  A great reminder that South Dakota still is pretty retail when it comes to what we expect from the folks we elect…..There are not many states left where you can easily bump into one of your U.S. Senators.   From what I observed many good folks had a lengthy chance to bend the Senator’s ear.  It was impressive to see someone so dedicated to doing his job well.

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    1. duggersd

      Comment: The sky is blue.
      Cory: Kristi should be doing more.
      Comment: Boy the Twins have been having a rough year.
      Cory: Kristi Noem should be watching more Twins games.
      Comment: The weather is really nice today.
      Cory: Kristi Noem should be in Washington working on legislation.
      Comment: I need a new muffler.
      Cory: Kristi Noem should be talking to more people.
      I think someone has a crush on Kristi Noem. I remember in junior high school we would say the meanest things about the people we really liked. Some people never outgrow that.

  1. old guy

    Was Sen. Johnson there or is he still just having controlled meetings? What Cory doesn’t get is when he knocks Kristi all the time his comments don’t mean anything after a while when talking about her.

    1. MC Post author

      I have noticed some issues with the pictures as well, some are distorted, squished, smashed, twisted and morphed in some strange way, and other times they are great. I belive it has something to wordpress & Internet explorer.

  2. Electrifying South Dakota

    Not going to pull any punches here, but both Johnson and Noem seem to lack the retail skills that Thune effortlessly exhudes. You have to press the flesh and work the lines!

  3. El Toro Loco Grande (The Big Crazy (old) Bull)

    That national debt is NOT free!

    How is it that our servicemembers, who get injured serving our country, are forced from their careers in the best interest of our country; however, this man puts his own political career before the best interests of South Dakotans?


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