Floridian Peter Waldron files complaint against State Rep. Steve Hickey. But shouldn’t the AG finish the petition investigation already on his plate first?

Gordon Howie is posting this AM that his Bosworth allies from out of state, specifically Peter Waldron, have filed a formal complaint against State Representative Steve Hickey, based on the Argus Leader article that ran the other day coming via Lora Hubbel’s claims.

This is the same Peter Waldron who filed a complaint with the FEC where he shamelessly lied about the Annette Bosworth prosecution involving a “Hutterite Colony Raid” which arrived in “a convoy of official state vehicles,”  and falsely claimed that 3 people interviewed by DCI didn’t vote when records show they did.

But, Howie & Waldron might have to stand in line, because the Attorney General already has a pending petition matter on his plate.   No, not Annette Bosworth. That one is almost done. I’m referring to her husband, Chad Haber.

If you recall what I wrote about it back in August of 2014:

Part of what Annette Bosworth is being prosecuted for is attesting on several petitions that she witnessed people signing them in South Dakota while she was halfway across on the other side of the planet, in the Philippines.  In other words, she signed off that she circulated nominating petitions during a time when she and Chad were in the Philippines from January 5 through the 15th.

In the batch of petitions for Annette Bosworth, there were several signed off on as having been circulated by her husband, now candidate Chad Haber.

And one of the petitions attested to as being circulated by Haber seems to have the same air of impossibility as those that have his wife in dutch:

Bosworth Nominating Petition-Haber_Page_1 Bosworth Nominating Petition-Haber_Page_2If you look on the petition, Chad signed off, under oath, that he “circulated the above petition,” and “that each signer personally signed this petition in his presence….”

Yet the date that the voters signed is marked as January 7, 2014, a date when he was said to be across the world.  The exact same thing his wife is currently in trouble for.

Read it all here.

Long before the Attorney General should even consider looking into the claims that the Bosworth people are ginning up against State Representative Steve Hickey, they have an already pending petition matter to finish.

I’m sure they have most of the evidence already in hand, so that should be an easy one.

And frankly, I suspect that the people of South Dakota are happy to have our Attorney General out prosecuting murderers and rapists first before they devote an inordinate amount of time to petition prosecutions.  I’m sure they’ll get to looking at them all eventually.

But as Howie presses for more attention to be devoted to a petition matters on a retaliatory basis, he should remember who’s first in the queue.

36 thoughts on “Floridian Peter Waldron files complaint against State Rep. Steve Hickey. But shouldn’t the AG finish the petition investigation already on his plate first?”

  1. These Bosworth fanatics want to turn this into a diversionary 3 ring circus like Chad and Annette ran their campaigns. How big of a clown car will we need? The Fiat 500 was too small. 18 passenger van?

    1. Can you name the Bosworth fanatics that want to turn this into a 3 ring circus?

      1. you state that your taking this to the US Dep of Justice for Bosworth? Why?

        What next? United Nations? Star Fleet Command?

        1. I am not, a gal out of Atlanta Georgia, Kathy Scott already filed the complaint. She is a woman’s rights activist. Cory is even afraid of her because he blocked her from DFP.

  2. The truth of the matter is likely but for Chad, Annette would be a quirky physician doing just fine somewhere.

    1. From people who know Chad and Annette, I hear this 100 times for every time I hear a criticism of Annette. It appears to be a case of a gal falling for a bad guy.

      I think this goes to why many people wanted to just have Annette’s petition problem go away as they sympathetically think she has bigger problems at home and it warranted some mercy.

      However, that doesn’t explain why Waldron, Cain, Howie, et. al. are so willing to not only defend her but cast stones at anyone critical of Annette. I still don’t get that.

      1. Annette is a master manipulator which is why when SHE pulls a fast one, she pivots and makes it look like Chad is the bad guy. He follows her around like a puppy dog. It was Annette and Annette alone who spent over a year lying about a combat-veteran, Bronze Star recipient attorney who organized her missionary trip to the Philippines in the first place – Joel Arends. She lied, she put her own employee on the stand to lie, but that employee backed up Joel Arends! Annette is a doctor (smart, literate), and she alone is responsible for her lies and smear campaigns.

        As for Herman Cain, this won’t play well for him long run. He has a well known “skirt problem” and is probably being controlled by his out of control hormones in defending Annette. Also, the poster to his site is Dan Calabrese who I heard is the ghost writer who was on Annette and Chad’s payroll in 2013 and part of 2014.

  3. This would be a simple investigation, wouldn’t take that much time away from the criminal investigators in DCI. A grand jury with about 8 or 9 witnesses. Bingo, the truth would emerge. I’m absolutely not a Bosworth supporter but I can’t understand why Hickey should be treated any different than her when it comes to lying on petitions.

      1. Pastor Hickey last year was a prick-ey;
        Now they claim his petitions are ickey;
        But, Boz is still gross;
        Her scams are now toast;
        And Chad, like his wife, is quite sick-ey.

      2. 3 signatures? lol. The Hickey investigation is done and the people have already confessed that he was not there when they signed. So what is taking the AG so long to charge him?

  4. I also think it is worth noting that Rep Hickey isn’t claiming persecution or anything crazy about his petitions. I bet if you go back two elections and ask each candidate to recall who circulated their petitions and who signed what — none would get it right. I’m not saying that excuses any mis-steps by anyone, but I wouldn’t get the fire hot under the oil pot just yet – there may be a simpler answer, or an honest mistake.

    1. Right. And the judge in the Bosworth trial instructed the jury that making a mistake was not enough of a reason to convict. Perfection is the not the standard. Annette was convicted because she told the world she deliberately signed forms she knew she didn’t circulate. That is true. She did it to make the ballot. But then she added insult to injury by blaming someone else for her own behavior. She smeared innocent people in the wake of her fraud.

      1. Didn’t you also admit to not witnessing petitions? What campaigns and how many signatures did you not witness? Dates?

        1. I am sure if everybody is honest, we might all admit to not eyeballing every signature. But, since the Bosworth saga, you won’t see this happen like it has in the past.

        2. If you want to be nosey, why don’t you go check out my school board petitions.

          1. yes a few of us will be checking those school board petitions to start with and then the other campaigns you were involved with since you admitted it.

            1. “I can honestly say I have not witnessed all signatures when I circulated petitions. Does that mean I get to go to jail?” Tara Volesky 2/22/2015 Madville Times

              1. Did Cory send you that comment? lol. Get to work, and while your at it, you better check out dozens of other candidates and petition circulators that have not witnessed every signature. Go check every name on those petitions……Clown show, circus, crazy, tinfoil hat, insane, mentally disturbed, behavior, Narcissistic…..those are a few of the names you will find on my petitions. Oh and by way, you might want to talk to Lora Hubbel because I believe she might be running for the Legislature next year so she will be able to address the problems with internet bullies and the Annette Bosworth hit job that you Cory and Hickey did on her. Pat, have you checked every one of Hickey’s signatures yet?

    2. It was an honest mistake for Hickey, just like it was an honest mistake for Bosworth. Neither should have felonies on their records. Bosworth’s case should have been settled. If Pastor Hickey is charged, it should be quickly settled and Bosworth should get the same treatment.

      1. Lie. It was on purpose for Bosworth which she herself has repeatedly stated. Then she tried to frame someone else. And jury saw through her.

    3. Doesn’t matter, good behavior can’t get you excused from breaking the law. He needs to be treated just like Bosworth was treated, and no plea bargains.

  5. With the multi million dollar budget the AG has he can well afford to conduct both investigations simultaneously. They are both serious and deserve equal attention.

  6. If the candidates were permitted to submit a filing fee in lieu of petition signatures, equal to 1% of the annual salary of the office being sought, most if not all of them would write a check and get it over with.
    Somebody should crunch the numbers and come up with how much money would come in. Then compare it to how much is spent validating petitions and prosecuting these cases. What has been going on here is idiotic.

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