For Rent: Beautiful Historic Cabin in the Black Hills

Gov. Daugaard has declared the Governor’s cabin Valhalla available for daily rentals and public tours.  Not only that — when the state uses the cabin — they’ll pay the same rate as the rest of us.

RCJ’s editorial staff weighs in favorably to this change in policy.  I give it a thumbs up too (I know the Governor’s office was waiting for that with bated breath)   Honestly — why the Heidepriem campaign made such an issue of this in the campaign is beyond me — clearly it was beyond 61% of the rest of the state too.

The other big policy change will come in the form of releasing some of the guest names for the Governor’s hunt, Governor’s Golf tourney and Buffalo Round-up.  (Also gets another thumbs up from me)

“I value the trust that South Dakota voters have placed in me, and I hope these acts will help make government more open and transparent” Daugaard said.

Although there’s nothing to stop future governors from setting their own policies for Valhalla’s use, Daugaard has set an ethical and honorable precedent that hopefully will be carried on after he leaves.

I continue to be impressed with the strong and decisive leadership style being demonstrated by Gov. Daugaard.

20 Replies to “For Rent: Beautiful Historic Cabin in the Black Hills”

  1. Truthinator

    A positive step. A drop in the rain barrel. Let’s see how the Gov and his staff handle the more substantive issues concerning “openness.” Will they be as fiercely secretive as the Rounds administration was?

    Isn’t that great that they’re going to release “some” of the names? I’m not sure that one deserves a full “thumbs up,” Kristi. How about a 1/4 or 1/2 thumbs up on that one?

    One has to wonder how many people voted for Daugaard because he calmly assured us during the campaign (it appears wrongly so now) that there was no budget crisis in South Dakota, while Heidy was pointing out that there was, in fact, (it seems rightly so now) a budget crisis.

    1. "El Toro Grande Loco" (The Big Crazy Bull)

      No matter how you spin it, nothing within our state was in “crisis” as defined

      What? Correcting a $127 million structural budget deficit, when the state has millions in reserve, is a crisis?!

      Then pray tell, what do you call what is going on in every state the Democrats have taxed and spent to the point they are ready to implode from BILLIONS in debt and runaway spending: NY, NJ, CA, MN, IL, etc., etc.?

      Crisis? Keep beating the same ignorant drums. You think Democrats would wake up and smell the coffee of the 2010 elections, that South Dakotans are not as stupid as the Democratic party thought they were. Keep crying wolf here but claiming Obama & the Democratic controlled Senate got it going on in DC with imploding our country in TRILLIONS of debt…

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    come on – this was a good thing to do – give the guy credit. We can – and should debate education funding and other issues — but sometimes people deserves pats on the back not kicks in the pants. This is a “pat on the back” moment. nice job Gov

  3. Duh

    Great, I’m finding my beer bong from college and heading west to the party cabin. Now, this “monstrosity of a cover up” has been handled, what are the whiners going to bitch about now??? Toilet paper too nice, not nice enough? Heide carved his initials on one of the headboards?

      1. Truthinator

        The approval rating you cite must have been 85% of cabinet members who gathered around the water cooler on Mondays in the Capitol building. He didn’t even pull that number out of the Republicans. You get an A+ for effort, but a D- for accuracy (only because you spelt his name right). You can do better!

        1. Truthinator

          BTW, I am not a Rounds hater. I was just disappointed that the smart young man who arrived in the legislature was turned into the end product we saw at the end. Just so disappointed.

  4. OneAndDone

    “strong and decisive leadership style” is not exactly how many would view our new governor. Making a simple 10% across the board cut instead of identifying waste, then allowing all the various entities to simply raise fees (GFP), raise tuition (Regents), raise local taxes (School Boards) and dozens of other examples of transfering the costs back to consumers isn’t leadership. Taking money from children and our elderly and giving it to business and industry isn’t leadership.

  5. feasant

    One done and the rest of you whiners, it was past time to have adult conversations about cutting government overspending. I bet I could find some more areas in education that could be cut without affecting the quality of education our students receive.

    I better see your name show up on the account that has been set up for those who believe they are not being taxed enough.

  6. Les

    OneAndDone show up on the list of wanting to pay his/her fair share…good night Irene.

    That’s comparable to the school teacher attacking me here, left his small school district to spend a few days shopping in Sioux Falls while the retailers back home in the school district continue to go broke, he didn’t like DD taking money away from the kids while he advocated no new opt outs at home(meaning I don’t want to pay more taxes so my wages can continue to climb).

    BTW USDALUM, I don’t hate Mike Rounds, you leave an obvious question. 85% of whom?

    TruthiNader, if you think an across the board cut under 10% is a crisis,? You aint seen nothin yet!

    1. Truthinator

      I didn’t define it as a crisis, but plenty of others did – many of your former, longer-serving colleagues, in fact. I used to be disgusted, now I’m just amused…

  7. OneAndDone

    I’m a supporter of a 1% sales tax increase dedicated to Education, so yes, I’ll pay more taxes. As a former school board member, I don’t believe any school is running with fat in their budgets. Every new cut following declining enrollment’s effects are critical and will have long term impacts on K-12 students. But, maybe that is our new mantra…Keep ’em dumb, keep labor cheap and give millions to out-of-staters who come here to take advantage of our cheap, productive labor pool. Sickening at times.

  8. Duh

    I wouldn’t give the school districts ONE dime until they show that they’re running lean, quit building Taj Majhals (SF), paying supers six figures and show how they can spend other peoples’ money.

  9. Les

    We are pretty close Truthin, but, it was your statement “”(it seems rightly so now)”” that I referred to. My point was, we are, going to see a future shock beyond what most of us(Grud excluded) have seen financially, and, SD crisis, is not yet anyway.

    Sorry OneAndDone, but you’re no different than the school teacher I was describing when you wish for a 1% sales tax to pay your school needs. I wouldn’t mind if Sioux Falls buys my needs either, though we have opted out more than once to keep our oars in the water. The keep em dumb mantra is getting a little old. If you were a former school board member I would think positive ideas would be rolling off your sleeve to fix a broken system rather than howling for money like the fat full puppy fighting for more milk just because all the other fat full puppies are howling for milk.

    1. Truthinator

      You’re right, Les. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I guess we need the cleansing effects of this trial. In the long run it will make us smarter and better.

  10. Charlie Hoffman

    Just gotta chime in on this one. Schoenbeck and Les ; you two guys are so hitting my “That guy just wrote what I was thinking!” button -only better.

    We see the battle on the Hill go in one day from 30 billion to 60 billion to over $6,000,000,000,000 in Federal Government cuts (yes that is a T) making 2012 nationally a total repeat of what South Dakota did this year. Tighten your purse strings and shore up your savings accounts this train is just getting started rolling.