Former Libertaian candidate for SD Governor now seeking funds to pay bail bond company

Remember the former Libertarian candidate for South Dakota Governor CJ Abernathey, who found himself ousted from the libertarian ticket after their 2018 do over convention?

Apparently he’s still out there crusading. This time, he’s crusading for money to be sent to him via PayPal for a little spot he finds himself in…

Yeah. I can’t imagine why Libertarians dumped him from the ticket.

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    1. (Doing bail bonds myself, not knowing his exact situation) at least in SD, if you owe a bond co. $1500, it’s usually because a person didn’t show up for court, after they agreed to guarantee the defendant’s appearance in court.

      Might not be a big enough amount for the company to call Dog the Bounty Hunter, but it isn’t good.

      If CJ is down, it’s likely not because of some hard luck story.

      (And keep in mind it probably isn’t for a traffic ticket.)

    2. Over 1,960 days since my Daughter was Kidnapped by her mother and child molester step dad and this is where I am at. I went there to try and stop the Kidnapping of my daughter and you guys completely skip that part of the story. You guys are fake news.

      1. CJ, maybe you should try explaining the child custody arrangement without all the hyperbole about kidnapping and a child-molesting step-father.
        Because what I think might be the story is that your ex-wife has custody, and a judge granted her permission to move out-of-state with the child. These decisions happen. You were probably allowed to register your objections to the move, but maybe you didn’t show up, or the family’s financial situation (step-father’s job? Insufficient child support from you?) outweighed your arguments, or maybe you were disruptive in the courtroom, making unsubstantiated claims of molestation, and the judge didn’t want to listen to you.
        So then what happened? You went down to North Carolina and got into trouble down there?

        Taking responsibility for your own behavior would be a good step toward a resolution in this unfortunate situation.

  1. I’ve seen the guy once in Eureka the entire time he has lived there at a Jackley deal with law enforcement present and it appeared to me he blamed Jackley for taking his child away and allowing her to be kidnapped. No clue on what led up to the father/daughter separation but there are always three sides to every story. Hers, his and the truth.

    1. South Dakota is somewhat notorious for its overzealous CPS, driven by a very – shall we say – eager Christian ethos. In fairness, CPA has “seen things” that contribute to their dedication to the mission.

      Take Cannabis, for instance. You all know my stand on Cannabis and you can find more information here:

      Cannabis has been used as a precursor by both men and women to gain custody as have claims of “insanity”. Yet, it’s been in our society for about 8000 years on record, and it can be used safely – at least as safely as alcohol (cannabis consumers know this is laughable since cannabis users do not suffer like alcohol users). Is cannabis the reason why he lost his family? Because if you take a demographic like “cannabis user” or “water drinker” or “people with noses” it creates a huge opportunity for parallel construction. Children become the spoils, the treasure to a segment of our society; the ravingly power hungry;

      I know exactly what a father would do to have access to his child. The conservative Republican establishment rails against the war on the American family. It laments how this is a precursor to national takeover. I agree, and even imperfect fathers should be present for the rearing of their children.

      This individual, whom I have never really heard of before now, is on the front lines of the disintegration of the American family and he deserves our consideration.

      If he uses the devil’s lettuce that’s one thing. If he’s a raging alcoholic meth abuser that’s another thing. Does he have a history of these things? Did CPS uncover abuse? Does he use cannabis and black out behind the wheel (absurd)?

      Or, like so many across our nation, is he a victim of a ghostly anti-white-mail psyop craving to fulfill the “all men are abusers” prophesy at all costs utilizing a parallel construction tactic so prevalent in our society today?

      This is very sad, but the desire to restore his family alone does not disqualify him from opportunities for leadership. I hope he gets access to his kids, and organizations like CPS will dissect why the mother (presumably) and her in-laws took such drastic ill-advised action. Often, the in-laws are pulling the strings in cases like this, fighting their desire to correct the mistakes they made with their own children, living vicariously through their grandkids while sweeping their own kids under the rug like an embarrassing pile of dust.

      1. John Dale most people think I am a mental midget but I always thought of myself as a mental giant. This is one of those rare instances I am in full agreement with you young man.

  2. Very sad, very painful situation. Politics aside, I pray the whole family heals. It’s not for me to judge but in these cases, usually, there’s at least some guilt on all sides. May you find peace as well as the compassion to forgive. We are mortal. In weak moments, in the throes of passion, we’re susceptible to evil. No person now reading (or typing) is immune. Please know that God loves you and your child without limit.

  3. What ever Pat, very bias……….you messed with the wrong guy Pat, just check out CJ’s fb page. Hillary went after Tulsie like you are going after a Purple Heart Veteran who is fighting for his child. Not right with no due process.

    1. Tara, it was his facebook post. I can’t help it if he doesn’t like it. Maybe he should not cause himself to owe a bail bond company $1500. It’s pretty easy to do.

      Same goes for posting about getting arrested and needing to purchase a surety bond guaranteeing his appearance in front of a court. It actually contains quite a bit of due process. When you post a bond, they tell you when to show up. Then there’s not getting arrested in the first place.

      1. Hi Pat;

        His circumstances are unfortunate. I hope someone will step-up and loan him the money, even if he has to work it off somehow.

        I’d also be interested in reading a story including some details from the police report.

        Self control in these situations is most difficult, but also most needed.

        For some perspective – sometimes in times of desperate persecution, violence and un-reason can be justified. I seem to recall some folks from Boston a couple of hundred years ago that were faced with a pretty desperate situation and they did some rash things. Preservation of the American family may require some rash measures as well.


  4. Ya, CJ went to fight for our freedom of speech………and several of my comments have been taken down

      1. What do you want me to say……..Here’s CJ in Washington DC speaking on behalf of Disgusted Dads?

        1. Tara maybe you should explain what you were trying to communicate.

          One thing I think is overlooked by all the Mad Dads is that the most important thing a Good Father does for his children is to be a Good Husband to their mother.
          If a man strikes out as a husband, he has failed at the first duty of being a father. The Mad Dads don’t like hearing that, they want to believe it is possible for a lousy husband to be a good father. And if you listen to them, you can understand why their wives left them.

          1. Hi Anne – “the most important thing a Good Father does for his children is to be a Good Husband to their mother”

            Since womens’ suffrage, the system has slowly morphed into an agent serving the woman’s needs. A woman can get married to the state, now, receiving all the benefits therefrom.

            Detaching from this apparatus – impossible as it may seem – is a duty of the woman in a relationship.

            I see a lot of talk about a man’s contract as a husband, as a father, but what is the woman’s responsibility in the transaction? Give birth, relax?

            How about taking responsibility for and mitigation of relationship damages from PMS?

            I’m not speaking specifically in this case because I know very little about it, but I do know that women have some responsibility in a relationship beyond “receive the gifts and undying devotion and love of the man who is designed biologically to seek companionship from thousands of women”.

            1. The traditional roles, as old-fashioned as they seem, put the husband in the role of protector and provider and the wife as the caregiver for the children. The husband takes care of the wife, and she takes care of the children.

              Large segments of society have rejected this model of the family at the same time the business world is adopting it. Business managers have figured out that if they take care of the employees, the employees will take care of the customers, and things will run pretty smoothly. It’s ironic that people can see this model makes for business success but they don’t see it works for family success.

  5. We ran into him on the sidewalk in Sioux Falls, after an event at the Orpheum, yelling at Marty Jackley, and then, after Jackley walked away, yelling at nobody in particular. He was incoherent. We couldn’t figure out what he was trying to communicate. It was clear he blamed Jackley for something but that was all we could figure out.

  6. Bottom Line

    Questions that should be asked. What actions or inaction that were my responsibility that could of ended up with me being in the situation I am in now?

    I should stop blaming others for my poor choices.

    Learn from my mistakes and move forward.

  7. He is unhinged he rants and raves at people who have nothing to do with his loss of custody, he feels wronged by everyone and thinks he’s a legal genius, he went down to NC and “talked law” to a judge in an ex parte bearing, made himself a problem and wonders why he doesn’t get anywhere.

    1. And what is she? Did she contribute to the problem? I read a claim the mother is with a “child molester”. She doesn’t sound like a “good” person, making “good” choices.

      1. We don’t know if there’s any truth to his claims. At all. We do know that CJ directly stated he owes a bond company money, there’s evidence he was arrested, including a mug shot, and on his facebook page he says the police should be “euthanized,” and shows pictures of the Governor talking about people needing to “be hung by the neck” for believing things that she does.

        1. There may be truth to his claim the step father is a child molester. We do not know. We could find out if we knew his name. There is a register for sex offenders.

          What I do know is the courts more times than not favor the mother. Recently there was a similar situation about a man whose child was killed by the mother…

          Jonathan Vanderhagen lost a custody battle for his son over two years ago, and his son died shortly after while in his mother’s custody. He had warned the court about the mother’s history of unstable behavior, but his pleas were ultimately ignored by the female judge and court referee…. and then this… JV is being held in a Michigan jail for making social media posts about a judge he believes put his baby boy in harm’s way.

          We don’t know the truth to CJ’s case, but women can be very evil. There is a spiritual order: God and Christ, Christ and Man, Man over Women and Women over Children. When man is taken out of the order, chaos often takes over.

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