Former Secretary of State sues teen pageant, protesting board coup ousting her.

Mark this down on the list of things I did not think I would be writing about on a South Dakota political blog.

Apparently Former South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs has brought a lawsuit against a teen pageant group as she protests a coup removing her from the group’s board:

A Miss America Organization board member hit a Miss America affiliate with a lawsuit in Delaware Chancery Court Thursday, alleging the organization improperly jettisoned her from its board and renamed the teen scholarship and talent offshoot after their trademark licensing negotiations went sour.

In an eight-page complaint, former South Dakota secretary of state and MAO chair Shantel Krebs accuses Crown and Scholar Inc., which was formerly known as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Inc., of kicking her off the teen pageant’s board in violation of the nonprofit’s bylaws, which require that at least two of its board seats are filled by MAO delegates. One of those delegates must be MAO’s chair, according to the suit.

Read the tale of a teen pageant board rebellion here (registration required)

6 thoughts on “Former Secretary of State sues teen pageant, protesting board coup ousting her.”

  1. Shantel Krebs also known as Chairman MAO (Miss America Organization) , was a South Dakota communist revolutionary who was the founder of the People’s Republic of Miss America Organization (MAO), which she ruled as the chairman of the Communist Party of Miss America Organization and forced her will on many teen pageant contestants and organizations until they eventually dethroned her in a coup.

  2. I could not see the complaint but when I googled the subject of the Miss America Organization and a lawsuit, I found articles about a ruckus when Gretchen Carlson was running things and terminated the swimsuit competition. The move really annoyed some of the franchisees..They sued. Over swimsuits.

    What I learned from those articles is that beauty pageants have religious significance. People take them VERY seriously.

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