Free Healthcare then Deported?

I got this through my RSS feed yesterday.

HHS: Obamacare-Funded Health Centers for ‘Migrants’ Won’t Check Immigration Status

No surprise there.

“approximately $8.5 million will be used by 25 New Access Point awardees to target services to migrant and seasonal farm workers,” Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Spokeswoman Judy Andrews told HRSA is a part of HHS.

Andrews said that grant recipients will not check the immigration status of people seeking services.

Why should they, they are not law enforcement, granted they could call ICE or any kind of law enforcement, but why would they.  They just got a $8,500,000.00 to help people who most likely will vote for the same people to ensure they get more money the next go around. It doesn’t matter where the money comes from, what matters to them is they have it now.

If the ICE is doing there jobs properly, there should be very few people that are here illegally any way, right?  We are a land locked state, some distance from the Mexican boarder and save for Vermilion, we don’t have much in the way of ports. Then why is Homeland Security building a 30,000 sq ft facility that can hold up to 5,000 people  in the northern part of Sioux Falls? Granted the contracts to build these Customs Enforcement/Detention and Removal Operations center was awarded to during the previous administration. I have to wonder do we have that large of a problem here that we may need to round up and detain 5,000 people?  Is the free Obamacare a ruse to lure them in to a central location next to a major airport?

There are a number of conspiracy theories out there, however can someone shed some light on this?

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  1. springer

    I just heard about this new detention facility too. Kinda funny considering what happened to the Huron sheriff after he tried to bring the issue of possible illegal immigrants in Huron up in the legislature. If the powers that be in cities or state don’t want to admit that there are illegal immigrants, who in the world is that facility really being built for???

    1. FMJ

      Just to clarify, it was the chief of police not the sheriff who was in effect fired for discussing the illegal immigration problem with legislators.

    2. Les

      It’s for you springer. You’re the reason it’s coming to SD. They’ve filtered the blogs and keyed on you. All that nasty talk on GW and O.

      None will be safe until HLS SD is operational. Heil

  2. DDC

    30,000 square feet for holding up to 5,000 people? That’s 6 square feet per person, assuming they use every inch for detention. That’s a 2 foot by 3 foot area.

    I’m guessing the actual detention area will be a very small part of the building. Sounds more like a simple expansion of federal bureaucracy to me. Gotta spend that DHS money, would hate to only get a 5% increase in next year’s budget. National security and all.

  3. caheidelberger

    Why not just build detention centers adjacent to the turkey processing plant in Huron and the giant dairies in Veblen and elsewhere in East River? Then we could force those folks to do for free the work we’re already exploiting them for now to keep our food prices even lower.

  4. anon i think

    Profits before local people. When the local people are willing to work for min wage or less they will have all the jobs they want. I think it is funny to see people complain but refuse to go to work for min wage or less. WE get what we want and we want low wages.

    Be you a D or R all that is really wanted is to remove middle class America from the voting booth.


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