Freshman PACs = Latin for Ambition

TC posted about Kristi Noem’s leadership PAC

Here’s Politico’s take on the move by Noem and other House Freshmen

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  1. Name

    I don’t see anyway Noem isn’t a senator in 2014. If Johnson stays she wins by double digits and if SHS comes back it’s going to be another fight but I don’t see how Noem doesn’t get 51 percent in a state as red as SD.

    1. Ralph

      It is amazing how you speak of South Dakota as being incredibly Republican. Sure, we have GOP candidates in office, but the numbers of Registered Repubs to Dems is pretty close.

      1. William

        Not particularly close, given the state’s population.
        South Dakota
        Total Resident Population, April 1, 2010
        Registered Voters, Oct. 18, 2010
        519,361 (active)
        Rep. 237,809 (45.79%) Dem. 194,204 (37.39%)

      1. Name

        The fact Kristi won in a 3 way race against a well funded incumbent, is impressive enough, even without an outright majority. She was the underdog, regardless of party affiliation.

        Next race is a new ballgame, as she’ll be the well funded incumbent.

        Apparently, SHS dissolved her campaign committee last Thursday, a move that generally means a candidate has no plans to make a quick return to politics.

  2. Name

    SHS probably wants to start over again from scratch with it all.

    I am still a believer that Marking cost SHS the election. Now I don’t know if SHS could defeat Noem in a head to head just because Noem is in such a red state and is a very good candidate.


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