Get your own Kristi Noem Doll

For those enthusiastic fans or obsessive liberal bloggers you can get your very own “Barbi” like Kristi Noem doll.

Other dolls also available are Michele Bachmann and 2 versions of Sarah Palin, with Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte and Sandy Adams all coming soon.

You (or hopefully your kids) can dress them up in different outfits, accessories and put earrings on them.

Kind of creepy if you ask me. But for the liberal blogger with nothing to do, it’s certain to be an ideal time…

No word yet if Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin is placing any sort of voodoo curse on one.

27 Replies to “Get your own Kristi Noem Doll”

  1. Bill Fleming

    Nice. Did you read the copy at the bottom of the order form? It reads like that “This Peggy” bank commercial with the Russian guy. Definitely not someone accustomed to writin’ and speakin’ ‘Mare-kun. Ain’t even English. Your offshore dollars at work, boys.

  2. Job Creator

    Cory will be in favor of sending that doll to Washington and sending Kristi back to all the businesses she started here in South Dakota! I’ll kick in some dough on that one…

  3. Duh

    The doll doesn’t do her justice. I’ve seen other companies where the likeness is scary, and it’s a bobblehead co not a barbie-like co. $40 is a bit much. You can have your own likeness for $375. Some of you only need to send them a butt shot.

  4. Anonymous

    The doll in the dark pantsuit (ala Hillary Clinton) is actually supposed to be Michelle Bachmann. The Noem doll is that hideously fugly thing in the upper left corner of this blog post. I think it doubles as their Downs Syndrome doll.

  5. caheidelberger

    Bill/Hans, you and your commenters seem to have liberal bloggers confused with the Tea Party electorate who picked Noem for the same reasons they would pick a Barbie doll.

    Besides, they totally got her hair wrong. And I’ve never seen Kristi wear red.

    1. Anonymous

      And here it’s all revealed… Cory loathes Representative Noem because she has done more in her life without a college degree than he ever will with one…

  6. grudznick

    I haven’t played with dolls for almost 4 score and I’m not about to start now. At least not until somebody makes a set of Bill, Bob, and Steve dolls.

  7. J Rae

    So my 16 year old looks over my shoulder and reads this post and comments and asks “so are these adults talking politics?”

    Totally screwed up a comment I was going to make. But maybe we have taken politics down to a junior high level…with my apologies to middle schoolers everywhere.

    1. caheidelberger

      J Rae, I know a website that might impress your 16 year old more. Also, tell your 16 year old to watch Die Hard to figure out who this “Bill Clay” faker is.

  8. Duh

    CAheidlebergerbergerwithfries is waiting for the blow up doll version. That way he can espouse his political views in “person” and maybe have a chance for a date…

    1. Mike Quinlivan

      Duh, you seem oddly preoccupied with sex toys and gay dudes. Are you a perv, or a 14 year old teenage boy? Either answer would explain a whole lot…

    2. Job Creator

      There is another handle I am thinking of that would have been more appropriate to put up this post. The four-letter handle starts with the letter “D” and ends with a “K”

      1. Anonymous

        Dork? Dunk? Enlighten us, Mr. Creator… Let’s not shy away from “the truth”. Good sir Duh never does, to my eternal amusement.

  9. Brandon

    I know that his is definitely not a “hard hitting stroy” – but that last line: “No word yet if Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin is placing any sort of voodoo curse on one.”

    I really wish we could be above making such comments.