Governor weighs in on Rave resignation on twitter as well.

9 thoughts on “Governor weighs in on Rave resignation on twitter as well.”

  1. One thing about Rave people should know:
    He’s the only guy I know other then me who can hit a 20 lb. (empty) propane tank with a 44 Mag standing broadside on one shot from 100 yards.

    1. that really isn’t that far away. But I’m confused as to what was “standing broadside”, you, the tank, or the mag? But I guess with a pistol that is good.

  2. Anon it’s a challenge we do up here in a huge deep gravel pit. You only get one shot. Miss and you lose. Try it sometime. Put a 16 X 12 piece of cardboard or plywood up one hundreds yards away. With a 7 1/2 inch barreled 44 Mag revolver try hitting it while standing up with no supports except for your arms. Hence broadside.
    Note: firing a 44 Mag more than three or four times will make your wrists sore. Out of a group of guys Rave and I were the only ones to nail it on one try.

    Beyond all that Rave is a good guy and he gets it. South Dakota is unique and it’s because of common sensed legislators being elected and serving without needing their name up on the marquee. And for goodness sakes he was elected to the position of Speaker by his peers, made up of common sensed South Dakotans!

    That speaks for itself.

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