GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Lora Hubbel has called no Republicans gay…. except when she did.

In case you were wondering, GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Lora Hubbel announced today (just for the record) that she has called no Republicans gay….

So, despite CNN being on the TV and an emphasis on a BIG TENT Republican Party, Lora officially announced today that she has “called NO ONE gay.”

That is, she has “called NO ONE gay”…except for the time that she did (from June 20, 2016):

Read that here.

I swear, you can’t make this kind of stuff up. Yes, that was Lora claiming the “SD Republican State Party” is “led by gay men” after the 2016 primary. Despite today’s pronouncement.

Here’s a thought for Lora: If in trying to explain away old Facebook crazy, you end up making new Facebook crazy, next time you might want to quit while you’re ahead.

16 thoughts on “GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Lora Hubbel has called no Republicans gay…. except when she did.”

  1. Hubbel isn’t into the big tent idea of anything goes. Look what happens when you lower your standards just to increase voter registration. You will get people that don’t follow the Republican platform. She addresses issues that people are uncomfortable talking about. She is very much against the gay common core agenda. Of course there are gay men in the Republican party. Get out of your cave. I know people who are gay and Republican.

  2. Or your own imagination. I really don’t think anyone should be paranoid of Lora Hubble, unless you are in support of South Dakota’s sanctuary cities that are growing with slave labor.

  3. Mrs. Volesky, can you help me identify all of South Dakota’s sanctuary cities? Aberdeen, of course. Sioux Falls. Harrisburg, absolutely. Hot Springs, and probably Rapid Valley and Peidmont, right?

    1. You forgot Huron and SD. Maybe you should check into the Wilson Fish Act. Wake up people, the State of SD has sold their souls to NGO or NPO.

  4. I was just thinking earlier today that it was time for Lora to say something really dumb. I’ll say it again, every time she opens her mouth on Facebook, she has less of a chance.

    1. Uh… I think this thread, and her post is about how she claims she never said there are gay people leading the GOP, and a screenshot of her saying exactly that. Nice try at deflection though.

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