Gordon Howie says he’s not doing a hit piece on Marty Jackley. (So yes, it’s a hit piece.)

In an odd passive-agressive manner directed towards Attorney General Marty Jackley, independent Senate Candidate Gordon Howie continues to press his line against law and order and says that Jackley can’t win Governor if he prosecutes Annette Bosworth.

It’s no secret that Attorney General Marty Jackley would like to be Governor.

Before you read further, dispel from your thoughts any idea that this is a “hit”” piece.


What I am hearing is that this case strikes people as akin to the Obama and Nixon use of IRS to attack conservatives. It’s like the ever-less popular Boehner now punishing his rivals.

Whether that is true or untrue is not the issue. The PRECEPTION of whether it is true or untrue is significant. It has been said that in politics, perception is reality. It is true that even ONE felony conviction would cost Bosworth her license to practice medicine. That seems like a pretty extreme penalty to most people, and makes the AG look like a vengeful bully in the eyes of many watching this case.


The reasonable thing to do in the Bosworth case would seem to be a misdemeanor charge with a penalty and no felony charges. That would be a win-win situation. Bosworth accepts a reasonable consequence and the integrity of the election process is preserved.

Another “win” might be for the Jackley for Governor committee.

Read this silliness here.

It’s pretty early in the day to declare this the dumbest thing I’ve read today. But, this is by far the dumbest thing I will read today, and a good testament to why Gordon should not be ever elected to anything ever again.

Observing how Marty has conducted his office (Believe me, I know), he makes his prosecutorial decisions based on evidence, and whether he believes there is sufficient evidence to move forward. It’s not a matter of playing favorites. It’s not a matter of using his office to rack up a scorecard to campaign.

Just yesterday, he announced they were not going to proceed with a case of someone they had already convicted of a traffic fatality. Why? Because there was new evidence to the contrary.

It might be Gordon’s “PRECEPTION“, but that doesn’t strike me as prosecutorial zeal. That strikes me as being reasonable.

Instead of spouting a line of silliness telling Marty he won’t be able to run for Governor if he prosecutes Boz, maybe Gordon’s commentary should be directed elsewhere. Such as towards the person being prosecuted.

If Annette had wanted to accept a plea deal for a lesser charge to save her license to practice medicine, I suspect the time would have been several months ago, when she was choosing to play musical lawyers and using a former pornographer to go on the attack.

I, like many South Dakotans look forward this this being resolved, and the Bosworth Family Circus finally going away. But, it needs to be resolved the right way. Not, as Gordon suggests, for political gain.

And with Marty at the wheel, I trust that’s it’s being handled towards the ends of justice.

15 thoughts on “Gordon Howie says he’s not doing a hit piece on Marty Jackley. (So yes, it’s a hit piece.)”

  1. I think Mr. Howie’s typo is actually quite correct – it is a preception. The notion exists before any evidence.

    Those who don’t preceive but perceive will not think Jackley is politicizing prosecutorial decisions in holding Bosworth accountable to the law.

  2. I would assume it is a typo as he uses the term “perception” shortly after in his not-a-hit-piece-hit-piece. I don’t think Gordon is clever enough to use perception shortly before perception.

    How many people are telling Gordo that they see this as akin to Obama’s and Nixon’s use or the IRS to target people? Is it a significant number or just a couple of buddies who hang out with him?

    Another questions: is Gordon’s opinion relevant anymore to more than a handful of people?

  3. I find it very funny that Gordon is so concerned about party unity-a Republican “attacking” a fellow Republican (by trying to uphold South Dakota law)-when Gordon ran as an independent when the majority of registered Republicans who voted didn’t nominate him as the candidate in the general.

  4. Without a doubt the stupidest thing I’ll see today. Or I hope it is.

    Anyone who advocates that our Attorney General should decide who, why and how to prosecute for political gain or the potential :”penalty” for the accused is advocating for “banana republic” law and not American Constitutional “Justice is Blind” law.

    Howie just needs to shut the firetruck up. He only makes himself look dumber.

  5. The only reason this clown (Howie) writes this garbage is to garner attention and you accommodate him by pointing out his posts on an otherwise unread blog. Ignore him, he is irrelevant.

  6. i think the election result surprised howie. i think he writes this stuff just to hunt around for anyone who cares what he thinks. he’s coming up dry.

  7. Dear Political friends:
    If I ever start losing my mind and start writing Gordon Howie style briefs against elected officials in my own party please call or visit me and force me to shut the Firetruck Up!!
    Thank you,
    Charlie B.

  8. I am trying to figure out how Howie became a Bosworth republican. She broke the law and lied about it. What is morally righteous about anything to do with her and her husband?

  9. Jim you may have a point. LOL

    An old friend told me a long time ago that politicians need to always think in terms of perpetuity instead of just being good for today. Burning bridges as this post expounds certainly guarantees one lives behind the eight ball in the past.

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