Gov. Daugaard Names Additional Members To Blue Ribbon Task Force

Gov. Daugaard Names Additional Members To Blue Ribbon Task Force

DaugaardPIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard today announced the appointment of thirteen new members to the Blue Ribbon Task Force.

“I joined with legislators to create the Blue Ribbon Task Force because all South Dakotans want to ensure that we have a school funding system that provides a great education to our young people, based on great teachers,” said the Governor. “There was strong interest in participating in this task force, and I thank these appointees for committing their time and thoughtful consideration to this important issue.”

The new task force members are:

· Dave Davis, Rapid City – member of the Rapid City Area School District Board of Education

· Dr. Becky Guffin, Aberdeen – superintendent of Aberdeen School District

· Vicki Harmdierks, Mitchell – principal of Gertie Belle Rogers Elementary School

· LuAnn Lindskov, Timber Lake – math and science teacher at Timber Lake High School and 2013 South Dakota Teacher of the Year

· Dr. Brian Maher, Sioux Falls – incoming superintendent of Sioux Falls School District

· DeLon Mork, Madison

· Steven O’Brien, Watertown – English teacher at Watertown High School

· Erik Person, Burke – superintendent of Burke School District

· Beth Pietila, Yankton

· Dr. Michael Rush, Pierre – incoming executive director of SD Board of Regents

· Jim Scull, Rapid City

· Eric Stroeder, Mobridge – member of Mobridge School District Board of Education and incoming president of Associated School Boards of South Dakota

· Kevin Tetzlaff, Brookings

These appointees will join the 13 members named earlier this year, to complete the 26-member task force.

The Blue Ribbon Task Force will continue to hold public input meetings throughout the summer. Beginning in July, the entire task force will meet to consider public input, analyze data and discuss ideas for reform. The task force will make recommendations to Gov. Daugaard and to the 2016 State Legislature.

Learn more about the Blue Ribbon Task Force and view the schedule of upcoming meetings at


14 thoughts on “Gov. Daugaard Names Additional Members To Blue Ribbon Task Force”

    1. 26 TEACHERS no less!

      1 hour scheduled meeting: 50 minutes of complaining about salaries, 50 minutes for bitchin’ about students, 15 minutes whining about parents, 45 minutes on just how much they love teaching (w/tears and endearing anecdotes), 15 minutes arguing about where to have lunch, 10 minutes securing a school van to travel to lunch site, 10 minutes fighting over van seating, 15 minutes scheduling the next hour-long meeting.

      1. Anonymous 6:37, it’s ignorant, mean-spirited comments like yours that put enmity between Republican and teachers.

        1. Also, it’s not ignorant as I am well-experienced & versed in meetings with teachers.

          Nice try though.

        2. “enmity between Republican and teachers”

          Most teachers I know are happy Republicans.

          Enmity? What are you talking about?

          1. SDEA is a toxic teacher organization. It promotes Dem. candidates, finances them, and creates unrest if the teaching world. Therefore, teachers are not all happy Repulicans.

  1. Wait!? I thought the answer was Common Core? Spend more $$$ on testing and evaluating educators, that’s the Common Core answer.

    Were you Democrats and RINOs wrong on that?

  2. I see that Cory Heidelberger was not selected.

    I wager that he’s fuming online as I type.

    Of course, “blue ribbon” excludes those who have been terminated for bullish behavior.

    1. Aberdeen Central administration & the school board have been informed of his bigotry & racism displayed on his blog.

      Word is is that he won’t be working at Aberdeen anytime soon.

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