30 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem joins the voices saying “NO WAY on AMENDMENT A””

  1. Hi Governor Noem – we disagree on this issue, but I believe because the information you have is dubious and misconstrued. I’ll work on that and do my best to help proffer a better strategy with respect to cannabis. Unfortunately, the lack of movement has turned the ball over, and the other team is marching toward the end-zone.

  2. I’m afraid without an about-face on this issue, re-election becomes several orders of magnitude more difficult.

    We have to take cannabis off the black market where it is laced, overpriced, unknown crop genetics, and low quality.

    Have a good day nonetheless. Let’s relish that we can disagree but still be friends. 🙂



    1. Your comment is disingenuous. Veterans who need marijuana can a be prescribed marinol by their doctor-a synthetic marijuana that is much more reliable and consistent than the various products available with recreational marijuana. Added to that, IM 26 is the medical marijuana ballot measure. Amendment A is marijuana for all in every instance.

      1. Marinol is much more expensive and it is a hodge podge of synthetic drugs. We don’t need fake lab produced chemicals when we have a natural plant to do the same thing.

  3. Good. I was concerned this would pass because we are all more focused on Trump.

    It will likely pass or fail depending on how hard she works against it.

    Jackley worked hard to stop it before. Ravnsborg probably won’t do much as of now.

    It really falls on the governor to stop it.

    1. Anyone who supports Noem’s positions on masks and shutdowns is nothing more than a hypocrite if they also support her here. The 2 positions are diametrically opposite, trusting South Dakotans to be personally responsible should not arbitrarily stop when it comes to this plant that has been in SD before SD was SD.

      I would love to support the Governor here as I share the same views on masks but for the life of me cannot figure out how to get there on this one.

  4. I am in complete agreement and am grateful for Governor Noem’s stance in saying “NO Way on Amendment A”

    Economic development and workforce development in a legalized, normalized and commercialized THC environment? It will suffer significantly. It is difficult enough for employers to find prospective employees that can pass a drug test and will be even more difficult in a commercialized environment. Managing risk is critical for employers. Insurance companies are already letting South Dakota businesses know that if there is an accident where an employee tests positive for THC they will not cover it. Business liability rates along with auto insurance rates will naturally go up as a result of risk and data. Higher absenteeism, lower productivity and employee compensation could be negatively affected if they are paid as a team bonuses or profit sharing. The profitability and job security of that company, employees and community could be at stake too. Since this has been a money loser for state governments when socio-economic costs are factored substantially exceeding any tax revenue from pot related sales South Dakota businesses and citizens will see either tax increases or further cuts in services. All combined will place these businesses at a competitive disadvantage. http://www.ccu.edu/centennial/policy-briefs/marijuana-costs/?fbclid=IwAR3Bh00AxV6qjeM6CvQYCRfZoUiPgsIEMKt9e99itu2HwdAa265FthG38YE

  5. Governor Noem has been very aggressive with advertising in Minnesota and other states after the destruction of public and private property due to riots, looting and burning. Those states also have higher taxes. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development and local economic development offices can capitalize on other states who fall for this public policy con such as Amendment A and lure businesses, families and talent looking to escape from those states. No Way on Amendment A!

    1. People will speak on this issue; however, the general public has been led to believe that IM26 is actual medical marijuana that will be regulated. If so, by whom? Once the doctors have issued the cards , and there will be many issued as most will soon come realize a pain which qualifies, the card holder will seek out and find a dispensary, not a pharmacy, to get the drug. The Governor has spoken against “A”…well, it’s the same as IM26. …medial=recreational…same drug.

  6. Ha yes, do we have freedom and personal responsibility or not? Funny how when it comes to a deadly pandemic we’re on our own but someone smokes a joint before bed and the cops come knocking.

    1. And make it MORE readily available to our young people so it can impair cognitive ability as their brains are developing and jeopardize every business who does federal contracts and reduce there opportunity for future federal contracts. AND have it available in gummi bears and other candies so we can have consumption everywhere like other states!

      1. Well good thing we don’t do that with other drugs. Could you imagine what would happen to society if we had liquor cupcakes, chocolates, and jello shots? I think society would collapse immediately. Too bad studies in states with legalization have shown usage amongst the young is dropping. It’s a lot easier for johnny to get pot from the local highschool dealer when the black market thrives than it is for him to get it from a dispensary. Control is a good thing when you will never stop it. Pot was always easier to get than alcohol when I was in highschool.

        1. Little Johnny and other minors will far more easily be able to get access to THC in a legalized, normalized and commercialized THC environment especially those high potency THC cartridges used in vaping. Just like Big Tobacco the Black Market targets those young developing brains.

          The Black Market Booms in a THC (Marijuana) legalized, normalized and commercialized environment bringing with it a substantial increase in crime some being violent. Many THC users are well known to seek the cheapest high potency THC whether their source is legal or not. The Black Market specifically targets and undercuts legal and regulated sources of THC (Marijuana). The Black Market does not have all the overhead of a legitimate business, has no regulations to follow, pays no sales tax, has no limits on how much it can sell and will gladly sell to minors who’s brains do not fully develop until 25 to 27 years of age making them especially vulnerable to addiction especially with today’s super high potency THC and life long heavy chronic users which are the most profitable.

          We just had a great national Facebook Live event yesterday with Smart Approaches to Marijuana. Very informative in countering the misleading information from Big Tobacco 2.0 it’s it’s paid shills like New Approach South Dakota.


    2. I agree with you, the gov is all about personal freedom and responsibility when it suits her. Hypocrite.

  7. I’ll be voting Yes on both. I don’t need the govt telling me what I can and can’t do with a harmless plant. I have relatives dying of cancer that have to go out of state to get the medicine they need to be able to continue eating. Prohibition creates more problems and costs us more money. Most of my fellow Republicans will be voting the same way. Big govt Republicans will welcome the continued government intrusion based on faulty and misconstrued evidence.

  8. I don’t know anybody who’s ever gotten smarter drinking Four Lokos either, but you don’t hear Kristi banging the drum against that

    1. My argument is we do not need more things where people can be impaired at work and neglect their families. I’m a child an alcoholic and understand that ship has sailed. It doesn’t justify commissioning a new ship.

      1. So we can’t trust people with these substances but can trust them with COVID? How are you sensibly drawing that line?

      2. At least you understand your choice on this issue is biased due to anecdotal evidence and is completely irrational. Your family’s shortcomings shouldnt dictate the choices the rest of us should be allowed to make. I understand your position but it shouldn’t be one followed by leadership and applied to us all.

      3. Why cant individuals make that decision themselves though Troy? Why does your experience get to determine mine? I have a sister with very serious, chronic respiratory issues, Noem’s response on this has been for her to bunker down because no one else can be bothered to do things like wear a mask, and their right to choose in that decision takes precedence over hers to either grocery shop or live.

        More people died from COVID in SD yesterday than have ever died from cannabis overdose in the history of the earth. You scream about hospitalization and mortality rates on COVID and ignore them on cannabis.

        People who are at risk for addiction can just avoid it like seniors/at risk can avoid COVID now, protect yourself and be responsible but let me do the same or choose not to if I want.

    1. Sorry, anon. I’ve been occupied on a project. Please try to get the spelling of my name correct in the future. It is R A N D A Z Z O. Got it? Good.
      Now, to answer your question. I am opposed to both Amendment A and IM26. My decision was made some time ago and I have already voted so any attempt to change my vote will be fruitless. But thank you for your interest in my opinion. God Bless!!!

  9. It does not belong as an amendment to the constitution. Leave the constitution alone. If the proponents want this, it belongs as a legislative issue.

    1. So the legislature can overturn it again? That’s precisely WHY it’s a CA rather than IM.

  10. Got to give her props, she has courage in her convictions. We’ve known where she stands on legalizing marijuana for some time now. It’ll be up to the voters, and I’m not sure there are enough potheads registered to vote for this to pass!!

  11. Comrades Unite! Follow the governors lead and vote A down. We can’t trust each other to make responsible decisions. Freedom and personal responsibility? Only when when it’s doled out by big government. Friggin Sheep.

  12. South Dakota is the reason of failure of anti people ur ruining lives by making people pay fines that money could be used to help the state i vote yes end this horrible time here denver has no weed crime south Dakota has it everyday we deserve this alot until we passed it crime will get worse and the budget we have is sad denver has no budget vote. No on Kristi born 2022 I hope she looses tom dashlce thank u for voting yes on weed

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