Governor Kristi Noem takes on her critics and the liberal media in her latest fundraising pitch

Governor Kristi Noem isn’t mincing any words in her latest on-line fundraising e-mail to supporters, which just went out this morning:

“They are at it again. The liberal media is attacking me. They are attacking my family.

But what else do you expect when we start to make some progress?

When I campaigned last year, I promised to be a different kind of governor. At campaign stop after campaign stop, I told South Dakotans that if they wanted a governor to take on big fights and go for big wins, I was the candidate for them. Now we’re nearly a year into it and the media is starting to turn on us. Not a surprise. They always do.”

Noem addresses the state’s meth epidemic in the letter and her campaign to stop the toll in human suffering it takes on our state, specifically taking aim at her critics and their allies in the media, asking supporters to donate to her campaign to help her respond:

The other side and their complicit friends in the media are starting to get nervous. They don’t want us to gain any momentum. They are looking for things to attack on. They’ve stooped so low to now take on members of my family. It’s not surprising but we still need to respond.

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24 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem takes on her critics and the liberal media in her latest fundraising pitch”

  1. Well she makes it easy…

    Wrong side of hemp…we’re all on meth…no raises for any state employee except if they’re related to her.

    I hope she enjoys the remainder of her term. I’m done with her.

    1. Add she also just signed on to flood our neighborhoods with third world Sub-Saharan muslim “refugees” without first consulting with the people she supposedly serves, as Governor Doug Burgum of ND had done (which returned a firm “NO” from the population). The incentive for her is big payouts from corporate lobbyists and the Refugee Resettlement racket. She gets rich and has peace of mind that they won’t fill her neighborhood. She’s greedy and traitorous to the people of SD. People are noticing and I guarantee she’ll be a one-term governor as a result.

  2. The only “attacks on her family” I’m aware of are directed at family members she has hired to work in state government. While this is nothing new – in recent decades at least, most SD governors hire family members while in office – it simultaneously stands as an exception to her “different kind of governor” assertion in her campaign mailing.

    My take: either be different and don’t do it, or do it and take the hits for doing it without complaint.

  3. Wrong side of Hemp? Sorry, I disagree, she’s on the right side of Hemp. I talk to successful farmers every day, none of them could give a tinkers dam about hemp, it’s a red herring like artichokes and other idiotic ideas that have come and gone. Give me a break.

    And as far as her ad campaign, I’m not a fan, but the last guy that held the job did nothing but weaken our laws and bring this disaster on. Instead of bashing the Gov look at when Dennis pushed to weaken criminal laws and when the meth epidemic kicked in, amazingly both began in 2013. Instead of running your mouth go do something to help stop the epidemic.

    1. The successful farmers you speak to every day are not interested, okay, but there are people who own land and would be able to grow and sell hemp. By vetoing the bill she prevented some farmers from an alternative income.

      It’s working in other states. One WY Republican (Rep. Bunky Loucks) said this: “Tell her I hope she vetoes it, because that would be good for Wyoming,”

  4. While I think hiring her kin was unfortunate, but excusable… giving them raises much larger than most other state employees seems pretty corrupt at worst and naive at best.

    As far as hemp goes, the simplest solution here is to look to states that have legalized its growth to see if they have had the problems with transportation and law enforcement as she claims SD will. I have yet to find any evidence of this being an issue in places like ND and MT, which makes me wonder why we aren’t seeing it there? Most likely because she has no clue what she is talking about.

  5. The media is starting to turn on us? How is that so? This conservative page (that serves at the pleasure of the Governor) has yet to opine its own stance on the gross inflation in wages to the Governor’s daughter. Moreover, the educational system in South Dakota has felt that this state has “turned on them” for too long – Noem ignores that in her propaganda email. The media has turned on us? How about the statewide reaction to the awful use of taxpayer dollars to an even worse campaign? The media hasnt turned – public opinion has.

  6. DWC’s own Troy proved the Meth campaign was a giant waste of money when he couldnt even remember the point of the last “great” SD a campaign, “Dont jerk and Drive”

    Outright nepotism is both hiring and then pay raise decisions

    Vetoing a bill that has proven to cost no money and would help line the pockets of SD farmers and then puts her head in the sand when faced with empirical facts on the issue.

    Its not the “liberal media” turning on Noem, it is her arrogance, incompetence, and greed catching up with her and being shown to all for what it is.

  7. “Stooped so low as to take on members of my family”

    If you dont want them in the public light, you shouldn’t hire them into government and then pay them more than their peers, what else would you expect. Total airhead.

  8. These comments are surprisingly uniform in their displeasure with Noem, not what I had expected on this site to be honest. Aonder if there’s really something there or if it’s just the trolls out?

    1. I think it’s real. There is no escaping it: the optics are AWFUL. She put her daughter and son in law on the state payroll and now complains that her family is being attacked. She can’t see how that looks?

      1. It seems she also had difficulty seeing how awful the optics are giving millions of taxpayers dollars to an out-of-state advertising company which then told the nation SoDakotans are all on meth.

  9. She is taking a page out of the President’s playbook. Unfortunately for her, she isn’t popular enough to get away with blaming all bad news on fake news.

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