Governor Kristi Noem tweets/announces candidacy for Governor in 2022

As part of her tweet supporting US Senator John Thune tonight, Governor Kristi Noem announced her candidacy for Governor in 2022:

And the race is on! Great to have Governor Noem gear up for 2022!

13 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem tweets/announces candidacy for Governor in 2022”

  1. Too little, too late, Covid Kristi. South Dakotans will not forget that you pledged your fealty to Trump, despite his efforts to tarnish our democracy and our Senator Thune. Hopefully you will be primaried.

  2. Two good votes for us in 2022: Senator Thune and Governor Noem. Things are look’n bright in the 57

      1. “Two good votes for us in 2022: Senator Thune and Governor Noem.”

        Could lose both of them, Lee. Trump undermines Thune and Noem defeats herself.

  3. I think she’s vulnerable, both in a primary and a general. Marty would beat her, maybe others too. Billie has a chance too — way better than last time, and he wasn’t too far back then.

    She’s turned a lot of people off with her absenteeism, galavanting with Trump while her state was ravaged by covid. I wouldn’t be too confident.

  4. Kristi Noem has earned the respect of the state and the country. We have business running and other states wish they could be like South Dakota!

  5. All you have to do is travel through a state like Michigan or Minnesota to understand what our Governor has done well – kept life and business going. I am still not convinced of mask mandates saving lives, even statistically speaking. She did good.

  6. I support Governor Noem for another term. I think she is learning things very quickly, doing her best. When I hear about things in other states, I am proud that SD was the least fascistic of all of them. 🙂

    With his recent twitter shoot “late season pheasant hunting” or some such thing .. perhaps Thune has his eye on the governorship. It would give him more direct executive power to wield against the folks of SD that he didn’t like .. from the Governor’s office, could he turn a 5G weapon on rabble rousers?

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