One Reply to “Governor Noem discusses Veto Day agenda for tomorrow’s legislative session”

  1. Troy

    Slow-downs have to be justified on the facts and science on the ground community by community, county by county, or state by state long before we need anything like a national stay-at-home order by the President. And, anyone who advocates this has firmly landed in the Twilight Zone.

    It is imperative major decisions remain where cool heads can prevail- The Governor’s office. She should have the power to keep open or close in the state, open or close in a particular area, or delegate decisions to local leadership as warranted. It is getting real obvious local leadership is cracking up and panicking.

    Our farmer’s are about to go into the field and our manufacturers are seeing demand evaporate and the lay-offs can be imminent. If either are hampered unduly, the Depression and impact on people will be like nothing American has ever seen.