Hartford Student featured on C-Span, and Rush Limbaugh

A Hartford High School Student received some attention this week for being featured with the US Senate Youth Program… and it didn’t stop there.

His commentary as part of this clip was quickly picked up by Rush Limbaugh:

So I guess these were young people identified as future leaders by somebody. They brought ’em in to town, Washington, and one of the things they got to do was to appear on C-SPAN to be queried by Brian Lamb. During one of the segments Brian Lamb went around the room asking these students questions. And we have an exchange here from one of the students, Morgaan Jessell and Gerald Fraas.

LAMB: Which media personality, who is probably the highest paid person in radio and television news and information, lives and operates out of Palm Beach, Florida?

JESSELL: I know Oprah has a house in Palm Beach. (laughing)

LAMB: Anybody in this room know? Yes, sir?

FRAAS: Would it be Rush Limbaugh?

LAMB: It would be.

FRAAS: All right!


LAMB: What do you think of Rush Limbaugh?

FRAAS: He’s a very outspoken man, and it’s great that we have individuals like him, who are willing to share their opinions on air. And he genuinely seems willing to listen at times, although he is staunch in his views.

RUSH: Well, that kid is really — no wonder he’s a potential future leader, senator, or whatever. This kid is right on the money. “Kid,” young man I should more properly say. Outspoken, great that we have people like him willing to share their opinions, genuinely seems willing to listen to people, but is very staunch — I take that as a compliment. Some people might be offended by that. Staunch means I’m committed. I’ll listen to you, but you’re never gonna convince me that you’re right and I’m wrong. It won’t happen.

Read it all here.

I’m told Gerald Frasse attends West Central High School in Hartford, was a legislative page this year, volunteered with the SDGOP this past election cycle, and I’m told he reads the SDWC (so he’s got a bright future in politics!)

Good for Gerald, and congrats on the recognition.  Keep it up, and remember that one person can move mountains – it just takes commitment and being involved.


3 thoughts on “Hartford Student featured on C-Span, and Rush Limbaugh”

  1. Nice piece.

    Yes, the type of HS student who would be the target of Corey Heidlebergers wrath and indoctrination.

    Thank god Mr. Fraas/Fasse is confident enough to speak up for the silent.

  2. Watch the hate mail come in to this kid. Now if he had said the Rush stunk on ice, he’d be offered a full ride scholarship from Apple or Starbucks or Rick Weiland.

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