Hawks for House State Leg website taken down.

It had been up until very recently, but Paula Hawks’ state legislative campaign website has now come down and been placed in a ‘parked’ status as we approach July, a time when it was rumored that she would be announcing for Congress.

Interesting. Especially given that she would be a prohibitively out gunned and outclassed candidate going up against Congresswoman Kristi Noem; a candidate with a million dollars in the bank, and the first South Dakotan serving on the ways and means committee.

Hawks, who won by 7 votes in her own district has never run on the state level, and her only claim to fame has been a public embracing of a state income tax – a favorite proposal of Democrats, but a concept loathed by the states Republican majority voters.

Hang on. It could be a bumpy campaign launch. 

6 thoughts on “Hawks for House State Leg website taken down.”

  1. I hear Noem is nearing $2 million. She is obviously planning on running for Governor or running for Rounds’ senate seat if it doesn’t look like he will run again in ’20.

    1. Paula Hawks will have a hard time gaining traction. I don’t know her so I can’t comment but it’s not a fair fight. When Kristi ran against Stephanie in 2010 Kristi had a huge 80 year wave at her back. It wasn’t really fair for Stephanie. Stephanie was pretty moderate but got lambasted for being a left wing fanatic because Pelosi was Speaker. Most Republicans in SD probably dislike John Boehner but does anyone think Kristi has any control over who the Speaker or Majority Leader is? No.

      The only Democrat to run a reasonably effective campaign against Noem has been Matt Varilek and that really took Noem’s camp by surprise. I’m surprised they haven’t taken his blue print and continued pounding away. They have some good points to make but just don’t get the right candidates to make them. Competitive elections are good for SD.

      That said if Noem passes on Governor in anticipation that Rounds won’t run again I would say he runs again just because when you have something someone else wants it’s more important to hang on to it and you never know if he gets into the swing of things and realizes that he is doing some good.

      1. “The only Democrat to run a reasonably effective campaign against Noem has been Matt Varilek”

        Sounds like more than one person has been doing Jager shots.

        1. The Noem team did not know how to respond the attendance accusations. It was painful to watch.

          Varilek was the blue print. The Dems didn’t follow up with anyone else capable of maintaining 43% of the vote.

  2. If Hawks doesn’t vacate her legislative seat, she is going to get hammered by various pro-life groups in both the primary and the general. It is probably in her best interests to just move on to something else.

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