33 thoughts on “Here’s the South Dakotan’s for Jeb Bush Commericial…”

  1. He’s going to be seriously disappointed when Kristi stays in congress.

  2. i think bush probably has a lock on the nomination, but i’m losing the ability to even care any more.

    1. I don’t think Jeb has a lock on the nomination, and for that I am grateful. He is not the leader the country or the party needs at this time, so thank but no thank, Jeb.

      It is time to get someone in office who is not a spineless, go-along-to-get along type.

      I for one will be donating no money to Jeb’s campaign, and I will talk to everyone I know about why he should NOT be the nominee.

      1. Amen! Well said!

        Westra is a nice guy, but he and Jeb both are big time moderates. Any claims of limited government is dishonest at best.

        Thanks, but no thanks.

        1. There are only two legitimate candidates in the primary, Bush and Walker. All the rest are wackos who couldn’t win the general, but if you have the need to hate somebody (Clinton) for the next eight years I understand why you would vote for the crazies.

          1. It won’t really matter since the Clinton machine will win and it will be President Hillary Clinton in 2016. The big question is who will be the upcoming Republican future leader that will finally win in 2020? 2020 will be the year for us!

          2. I believe the best candidate right now is Rand Paul. Of course the national media marginalizes and maligns him because he is honest and principled and conservative they don’t want him to win. Same reason the RINOs don’t like him. He won’t continue the status quo that has all the big shots in both parties so comfy. You say these “crazies” can’t win huh? How do you know ? They always get cheated out of winning the primary like Pat Buchanan and the voter fraud of ’96. Or the sensationalized scandal of Herman Cain in 2012 .Or a ton of other good conservatives whom the press/establishment choose to ignore or mock. The only way to win in 2016 is to be on the offensive and out front and honest in exposing what the Dems really are about and why they are ruining America. Moderates like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney always lose because there is no clear distinction between them and the Dems. The Clintons and Obama have huge boatloads of un-American skeletons in their closets and “moderates” like Jeb Bush wouldn’t have the brains or courage to even mention it. Look at McCain, an alleged war hero, running against the most un-patriotic major Presidential candidate in US history (Barry Sotero-Obama) and he wouldn’t even allow his running mate Sarah Palin to bring up anything “negative”, much less say anything himself. How did that work out for him and for our country ?

            1. Senator Begalka it is good to see your name among the comment section again. I greatly admire your work in the SD Legislature and find you to be a man of principle.

              I do however disagree with you assessment of Jeb Bush not being a conservative. Jeb is not my first choice. Rubio or Walker would be my first choice.

              1. he has a lock on the top-level supporters. that’s what constantly stops conservatives. i stand by what I said, awful though it is for you to hear.

              2. I don’t see any indication of Bush being conservative in any sense of the word by his past, his rhetoric may seem conservative, but that’s it. I agree with Sen. Begalka that Rand is the most conservative in the race and I believe he will win in a general over Hitlary or any Dem for that matter. I like Cruz, but I believe the MSM has made him the poster boy of partisanship and is unelectable in a general. I could see myself supporting Rubio or Walker in a general, I couldn’t for Jeb or Lynsey Graham.

                1. First off I think you do not understand what the word conservative is and have it confused with libertarian. There are many conservatives who would never vote for Rand Paul because he is too libertarian on foreign policy (Most Republicans who are conservative, moderate or whatever do not want an isolationist foreign policy) and we also don’t want him out trying to legalize drugs.

                  I could see myself supporting Rand Paul but I would probably go with Rubio, Walker or Jeb Bush before I went with Rand Paul. For the main reason I don’t see any way he could win with his positions against the public accommodations section of the civil rights law. Rand Paul brings many wonderful qualities to the party but he just doesn’t have the oomph to be the nominee.

                  Ted Cruz probably doesn’t have enough allies in the Senate to count on one hand because he’s thrown them all under the bus.

                  Rand Paul is light years better than Cruz.

                  All of the candidates running for office in the GOP primary are conservative in most areas and less so in others. I would guess that on 90% of the issues they agree.

                  What I like about Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and John Kasich is that they are all going to tell me what they think and not do a scripted poll response.

                  Jeb Bush likes Common Core. I don’t. At least he’s honest. What he means when he says common core is something different than what it means to most of us. The program has changed over the past 5 years into something it was never intended to be.

                  No one has fought for someones life more than Jeb Bush. Terri Shaivo died but it wasn’t because Jeb Bush didn’t go to great lengths to keep her alive.

                  I have a lot of respect for him and disagree with him on some issues but we have a great debate in the GOP primary coming up and we should be thrilled as Republicans to see that.

                2. Are school vouchers conservative? Jeb fought for those.

                  Is fighting for Teri Schaivo conservative? Jeb Bush fought for her.

                  How about cutting spending? He did it.

                  1. Is pushing more federal involvement in education via liberal left’s Common Core, conservative!? No!

                    Is pushing amnesty for 12-20 Million illegal aliens, conservative?! No!

                    The old Election year RINO scam, dressing up their pet RINOs and claiming their Democrat lights aren’t so.

        2. Wackos, huh? Well, since YOU said it, i won’t consider the other candidates. Bush is too moderate to lead the country at a time when the country needs to reverse from it’s Socialist course, and Rand Paul and Ted Cruz ARE legitimate candidates.

    2. it has been interesting to follow the various shouting matches on common core. there has been so much misinformation pumped into the debate by both sides that it has become incomprehensible. by misinformation, i mean that supporters of common core i think have discovered that rather than promote their side, they make more progress simply letting as much misinformation as possible into the debate so the opponents can sound as foolish as possible. just a thought, don’t shoot the messenger.

  3. Westra has done a good job in the legislature. I admire the fact that he is outspoken on his support for Jeb Bush. Jeb is a great option for the GOP though Jeb is not my first choice.

    If I were advising Westra I’d suggest he get about 30 more current and former legislators to sign up with the group. 8 is not enough.

    I can only hope we see Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee all get groups pushing them.


  5. More than I have ever seen is a general attitude of Republicans liking a lot of the candidates even if they have a favorite.

    Some days I wake up liking Rand Paul when my libertarian inclination are at the forefront of my thoughts. Some days I wake up liking Scott Walker when I am thinking feisty. Some days I wake up liking Carly Fiorina when am thinking how changing government requiring top-level people at all levels of the various departments. Some days I wake up liking Jeb Bush when I am thinking about Pro-life issues. Some days I wake up liking Marco Rubio when I am thinking about who I think is most like me with regard to experiences and outlook.

    At the end of the day, I would be most happy with any of these and still happy with about every one else on the list.

    It’s kinda how I feel when I see my choices for a malt at B&G- so many good choices I am willing to let my granddaughter pick for me. Fellow Republicans, go ahead make your choice. I am with you.

  6. Get that apostrophe out of “Dakotans” in your subject line. It doesn’t belong there.

  7. Liberty Dick,

    Rand is in my opinion the most libertarian but middling as a conservative. Libertarian and conservative are not inter-changeable and often at odds.

    Jeb is the only one with absolute unqualified Pro-life cred. A lot say they are and even vote that way but nobody has ever put it out there and leaving nothing in the bag than Jeb with regard to Terri Schiavo.

  8. Right just like his brother thanks for putting Hillary in like g w jr put Obama in ,Whats westra thinking but likes the koolaid I guess.

    1. Westra and Bush share the liberal ideology. That is what they have in common.

    1. Rick choked a lot too during the last campaign.

      The most likely path to victory for Jeb Bush is to have a divided field and too many candidates fighting for the same votes.

      Jeb will win because Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson and Scott Walker and Rick Santorum and you name it all think they should be president. If it was just Bush, Walker and Paul running most likely we would pick Walker or Paul but all of those candidates fracture the votes and help Jeb Bush. The only death blow to Jeb would be if Marco Rubio beats him in Florida. That has to be his biggest weakness.

  9. Won’t vote for Jeb in a Primary or a General. Too liberal for my blood.

  10. Jeb Bush, no thanks. I think we’ve had enough Bush’s in the White House already. I like a lot of the candidates so far: Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, and I was pretty impressed with Bobby Jindal as well.

    BTW if it ends up being a Bush vs Clinton election, lets be real, the Bush name is toxic and Hillary will win

  11. Say, what is Jeb’s most recent position on the Iraq war?

    You know, the one thing I like about the Bush family is that thanks to them, the Democratic Party is no longer known as the “War Party.”

  12. Jeb Bush seems to be the one of the favorites of the GOP establishment.

    As a current WI resident and former SD resident, I’ve seen the damage that Walker has done to Wisconsin first hand. Wisconsin wasn’t that the disaster that he’s making it out to be when he came into office. Walker hasn’t delivered on his unrealistic promise of creating 250,000 new jobs during his first term. He’s surrounded himself with individuals who are either under criminal investigation, have gone to jail or have been charged but have had the charges dropped. He also flat out lied about not running for president when asked last year. He’s spent most of 2015 out of Wisconsin, campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

    At this point, unless someone with a more pragmatic approach like Rick Snyder or John Kasich changes their mind, this current field is just too far to the right to win a general election. It’s hard to back track when multiple candidates are making statements that sound similar to positions held by ISIS and the Taliban.

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