Herseth Sandlin and the DCCC

Reports are circulating that Herseth-Sandlin is meeting with the DCCC again – stirring rumors that she may in fact have interest in running for congress immediately rather than waiting this cycle out in favor of the likely available 2014 senate seat.

Coincidently, this is happening simultaneously with Steve Hildebrand?s ?Draft Varilek movement.? You will remember last cycle Hildebrand spoke openly about his
desire to challenge Herseth-Sandlin himself before he chose to support the potential candidacy of Kevin Weiland which never materialized. (Hildebrand has been discouraged by Herseth?s voting record especially since she publicly supported a ban on gay marriage and voted against Obamacare .) Hildebrand has reportedly stated that Varilek is the most progressive candidate he has ever worked with. Now with these alleged reports that Herseth-Sandlin has held a second meeting with the DCCC, Hildebrand may realize that her entrance into the 2012 cycle is a very real possibility.

Making all of this even more interesting, Brendan Johnson?s in-laws are serving as co finance chairs for the Varilek movement. It hasn?t been the best kept secret that the Johnson and Herseth-Sandlin camps aren’t particularly close since Senator Johnson chose to run for reelection following his brain aneurism.

As we sit and wait for this to play out in anticipation of Herseth-Sandlin?s rematch with Kristi Noem, we may instead witness Herseth-Sandlin first competing in a primary before she can become the democratic nominee.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think some of the glow has been taken off of Noem. She is not anywhere near the candidate she was in 2010. She has a record and it isn’t without weaknesses.

  2. Duh

    ANON. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Noem is as popular as ever. The problem is, the US, SD included are getting sick of the economic issues and that is bringing everyone down. Thanks Oblabla.

    SHS UGH. Go away. The hair does look better though.

    1. caheidelberger

      Duh, saying Noem is as popular as ever isn’t saying much. She didn’t exactly set the electorate on fire last year. She didn’t win a statewide majority. And now, as Anon duly notes, her voting record is full of hard sales to make to the South Dakota electorate. Against SHS, Varilek, or Barth, she faces a tough campaign. Of course, Noem can make it easier on herself by not facing the public, the way she’s doing during her long August vacation….

    1. Anonymous

      Hildebrand can only hope that he gets to run the show in SD. Herseth had dismissed his advice and he was mad about it.

      He’s not all he’s cracked up to be. Herseth would walk away with the primary nomination regardless who she is running against.

      She would even defeat Senator Johnson.

    1. BF

      They fixed it, Bob. For a while there, Mr. Clay had her being a gerund (a person who wears sandals perhaps?) He’s still missing the hyphen, but oh, well.

  3. Stan Gibilisco

    From Wikipedia: “Sandling is a suburb to the north of the town of Maidstone, Kent, England. Within the area is the headquarters of the Kent Wildlife Trust at Tyland Barn. Beside the River Medway is an eating place called The Malta Inn …”

    My opinion: Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin could run in place of Tim Johnson when the latter’s term expires (2014?), assuming Johnson does not want to run again. She might also have a long shot at the governorship, although I’d fear her then; state income tax, you know.

    Great photo of her, anyhow. She sure looks less haggard than she did when she debated Noem prior to the election.

  4. Anonymous

    Herseth has gone full blown babe! She is hot!

    I would encourage her to run again. She would probably win if Obama doesn’t pull all Dems down in ’12.

  5. CaveMan

    Anon 12:02 you are spot on about Obama pulling down the Dems in 12. Even liberal Republicans will be bumped up in the voting booths because of his complete economic insanity.

  6. feasant

    Anybody but B O, will be the theme in 2012.

    Herseth will get smoked if she runs in 2012 because of her ties to Obama and the fact she does not live here. This Administration is the absolute worst in history. Not one idea on how to create jobs, except to spend more money. This will cause huge losses for liberals.

  7. ymous

    She’s not running in 2012. If she keeps her name out there a potential candidate, she earns more lobying cash. She wants nothing to do with this state. Keep underestimating Kristi N Cory, she is the real deal.


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