He’s baaaaaack.. “Draft Stace Nelson for State Senate” effort springs up.

Is an effort to draft someone for State Senate like drafting someone for School Board or Electric Coop Board?  It kind of lacks the “oomph” of drafting someone for Governor or US Senate.

Of course, I wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t happening.

Apparently, tired of the relative peace and quiet of this legislative session, in the last week, someone started a “Draft Stace Nelson for District 19 State Senate” facebook page.


The facebook page, located at https://www.facebook.com/draftstacenelson doesn’t list the page’s creator, but noting the people who are supporting it, it would appear to be coming from within the close circle of Nelson campaign people.

The obvious point to bring up is that this effort would pit Nelson against current Republican State Senator Bill Van Gerpen, who anyone would agree is also quite conservative. And certainly wouldn’t be someone that anyone could accuse of “not following” the constitution.  Any plea to kick Bill out of office on that basis would seem to be …misplaced at the least.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation to see if this early draft effort is an indicator of Nelson’s intention to re-enter politics after his US Senate effort which ended in a third place defeat at the hands of current US Senator Mike Rounds.

And with that, I’ll ask  – what do you think about the possibility of Nelson getting back into the State Legislature? It it a good thing, because he has a lot to contribute to South Dakota? Or would it be a bad thing, remembering robocalls and divisiveness?


21 thoughts on “He’s baaaaaack.. “Draft Stace Nelson for State Senate” effort springs up.”

  1. Stace Nelson plans to take out Bill Van Gerpen in a primary because he wants to be back in Pierre?

    HELL NO!

  2. Please return the entertainment back to the legislature. The legislature is always in need of more entertaining personalities, lets continue the circus. Awaiting, Bosworth to announce running for state legislature, please, oh pretty please!!!

      1. I think Jammer is busy representing his district in the SD Legislature. Look for him to return when the session ends later this month or in March.

    1. He’s in a ninety-day anger management rehab clinic. I think they’re going to have to extend to the half-year program to make any progress.

  3. I have to think on this a bit.

    I believe Mr. Nelson is honest and passionate about what he believes in.

    He hates politics and called the legislature antics high schoolish.

    I believe he just got mixed up in the wrong crowd.

    1. MC you did serve with him and don’t know the half of it.
      If we all pounded on our desks and cried sitting in them on the House floor when forced to make tough votes how well do you think the Legislature would operate?

      1. Mr Hoffman, I am aware of a research project where voting attendance was examined in the SD Legislature. Rep Nelson had one of the best voting attendance records in the legislature, better than yours.

        Where did hese crying and pounding the desk incidents on the House floor happen? The SDPBs cameras cover the House floor pretty well and we the viewing public never saw it. Looking back at the seating charts, you didn’t sit even close to Rep Nelson.

        Sounds like more conservative hating RINO lies.

  4. I could use Nelson’s company, since it is a sure bet that the Davison County Republicans will anoint me to replace the term limited Vehle. I am sure they have not forgotten about Dump Daschle.

  5. This is interesting. I heard that the big conservative was waving off any further ventures into politics due to health reasons?

    This is just cruel Mr Powers! You tantalize conservatives and taunt the “pragmatic” moderates!

    What’s Nelson’s response to this?

    1. Typical liberal Alinsky tactic, lies and ignorant personal attacks. The rinos hated Nelson because he was passionately outspoken on conservative issues. The bill they claim he hid on? He spoke twice on and voted against.

      Confuse a liberal, use facts and logic.

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