You may have noticed that I’ve made a couple of stylistic changes to the blog, dropping the animated header, and going with the full post display instead of the excerpts.

A reader had mentioned to me that the animated header is a bandwidth and, notably, a battery killer for tablet devices. I’m a desktop guy, so I didn’t notice, and liked it as eye candy, but it served little purpose beyond that.

With the number of ads I have, as well as some of the dynamic NEWSMAX ad content, keeping load times down is in my best interest. So, it’s dropped for now.

As for expanding the top level blog posts, I’m playing with the concept at the moment. I think for the news product I’m offering, its better if more is displayed, as compared to the short excerpts with no photos that the current theme offers.

It also provides a little more real estate for advertising as we move into 2016. This is a reader and advertising supported web site, so more is better.   I might move back to it if I find a better theme. But for now, we’ll go with this.

I’m also pleased with progress of the soft roll out of, in case you haven’t checked it out… well, check it out. It’s under light construction in places, but otherwise, it’s getting used.  Todd Epp from KSOO has been contributing, and I have another one or two who will be.

It’s a nice place for discussion for one of those other things we need to live besides politics, and “everyone has an opinion.”

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