How to Fix Congress

The head honcho at S & P state that Congress is broke, as in totally dysfunctional.  I ran across these ideas in the Daily Beast today.

Are these ideas be done, or have we gone to far?

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  1. springer

    Well, #8 is ridiculous as to Buffet’s statement: “The way to limit debt is by taking in revenues that are appropriate in relation to your expenditures.” I think a first grader could understand this concept, but a first grader also does not understand that he cannot take in enough revenue to buy himself that new X Box, bike, etc just by telling his parents to raise his revenue commensurate with his expenditures.

    The way to limit debt is instead to limit your expenditures to those appropriate to your revenue! Gee, I wonder which the gov’t prefers??!

  2. grudznick

    I can’t make heads or tails of your odd cartoon, but I know how to start fixing Congress.

    Send Stace Nelson, as soon as he’s done fixing Pierre.

    1. Les

      When I hear Sen’s and Rep’s around me saying we don’t need to see or know anymore than they feel like telling us Grud, I look forward to un/electing them in a process that cares less if it takes months or years.

  3. J Rae

    I think the problem is that Congress and the political wonks that run the show from back home don’t want to be fixed. You won’t find one party chair, anywhere, who would support any plan that would take away the chance to grab more power.

    Like someone said, we’re getting really good at politics, but we suck at governing.


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