Hubbel makes it worse. And the Editor of Lakota Country Times responds to offensive Hubbel comments on Sen. Heinert and race.

On her Facebook page, GOP Gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel illustrated that she does not know that throwing gasoline on a fire makes it worse.. as she did in the case of her offensive racial comments towards Senator Troy Heinert and Native Americans in general:

And it goes on, including from those who have supported her in the past. But the most pointed response comes from Brandon Ecoffey, Editor of the Lakota Country Times:

“Tribal citizenship is not based off of race. We are not dogs bred for purity.” Ouch. And he continues…

“Her post is absolutely newsworthy and I am sure every Indian paper in the Region will cover it. We will for sure.” Looks like Lora earned some publicity this week. Too bad it’s for “Nazi-era blood quantum politics,” as Ecoffey noted.

And what I noted earlier continues to remain my opinion. She needs to resign from the race.

19 thoughts on “Hubbel makes it worse. And the Editor of Lakota Country Times responds to offensive Hubbel comments on Sen. Heinert and race.”

  1. I don’t have FB or I’d respond to Ecoffey. I’d ask him to elaborate on the statement about who exactly does decide tribal citizenship? I’m pretty sure it is based on race. As a White woman with no Native DNA, I can’t get tribal citizenship. Can I get it if I marry a Native man?

    I’d also like to ask… Is a White woman who has children with a Native man allowed to speak on behalf of her children or would that only be their father who could do that?

    I wonder if he thinks White people can and are allowed to understand federal Indian Law? Did you know that if a Native parent takes their children onto the rez and the other non-Native parent wants to get them back, they can’t. Now that sounds like an equal rights law if I’ve ever heard of one…

    There are racial undertones in Mr. Ecoffey’s post too and I’ll surely call him on it.

  2. The amount of time this blog spends on Ms Hubble is troubling, considering that she’s blocked. This candidate holds little chance of being relevant to the outcome and those that speak for her only reflect those odds.

    1. Kelly, that’s not an accurate statement.

      Aside from the fact Lora has blocked me on facebook (for as much good as it’s done), she is not blocked here.

      Since she’s had some trouble with the truth in the past, her comments are moderated. When she keeps them relevant and not libelous, I have typically let them through.

      1. Actually, Pat, I enjoyed it when Lora said I have no heart and Larry Kurtz called me fat.
        Your blog is a lot more fun when you let people say anything they want.

        1. Many of us are fat when you compare us to Lar’s gnarled hide over gaunt bones, baked to dried leather and smoke-tanned under the glow of florescent lights in the desert.

          1. Lar loses his false teeth a lot with his memory being so bad so he smokes his meals and is skinny. A neighbor jerry rigged some wooden teeth for him.

  3. The underlining problem is that Hubbel doesn’t approve of something Heinert did, and instead of addressing the policy issue she launched an ad hominem attack. She does this whenever she disagrees with anybody about anything.

    I get into arguments with people and as soon as they hit me with an ad hominem attack, I thank them for conceding defeat.

    Lora concedes before the debate even begins.

    The efforts of her biggest fan, Tara, to bring the debate back around to the issue, are laudable but futile.

  4. It’s good to have an outspoken candidate running for Governor. We haven’t had that since Bill Janklow.

    1. This might even be a bigger train wreck than Dr. Boz. Actually, I think she had a better chance of winning than Lora.

  5. We will see if Brandon calls Lora for an interview. Do it Brandon. Better yet, organize a Gubernatorial debate in Indian Country.

  6. It is amusing when two white women are telling an Indian he is not Indian enough. Two pretty young packages with nothing inside.

    1. Look Nick, I think you’re funny and at times informative, but you’ve got to stop saying “pretty young packages” and the like. It’s sexist and I’m pretty sure you were not given permission to compliment Tara or Lora. You must play by the feminist rules or reap the consequences.

      It’s OK to Be White.

    2. I think I figured out Lora’s ancestry because the times we’ve been out to eat, she always want’s to go Dutch.

  7. It’s not me, it’s the feminists, Liberals and Democrats. Are you aware of the #MeToo movement? I’m trying to help the old man out.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. God bless you;)

  8. The only thing missing from Hubbel’s racist comments are words like “tomahonky” or “radish” to describe Heinert.

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