Constitution Party disinterested in giving Lora Hubbel chairmanship. In response, Lora back to the same old, same old..

Try not to be shocked, but it sounds as if Lora Hubbel was denied the Constitution Party chairmanship… again.

After being stymied in her attempt to takeover the Constitution Party by holding her own convention, Hubbel had sought a declaration from the National party to be named the leader of the alternative party in SD. Which failed.

Upon returning, Lora resumed business as usual, and proceeded in her campaign for Sioux Falls School Board with some completely disproven and debunked anti-vaxxing rants, insane claims of “political leaders or their cronies can kill Richard Benda and the Westerhuis family,” and attacking the SDGOP.

Because attacking the SDGOP, claiming political leaders are murdering people, and anti–vaxxer rants have worked so well for her to date?

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  1. Comments that support vaccines are allowed, but when people post information and names to search as to why vaccines may be dangerous they are deleted. Why?

    1. Because the anti-vaxxers endanger us all and should be held legally and financially liable for the damage they inflict on other.

      1. If your child is vaccinated, you have nothing to worry about. So what’s your point going after Lora if she believes in having the parents decide? I wouldn’t give massive doses of vaccines to my kids.

    2. (Aside from the instances when it’s off topic) You can find websites on the Internet that declare that the earth is flat, and that there are lizard people that reside in the subterranean depths. Because something is on the Internet, that does not mean that the source is credible.

      1. If Ms. Hubbel is a flat earther, it would make her even more interesting.

  2. Back to the Republican Party Lora goes unless there is another party that will accept her. Her biggest defender and sidekick will comment in 5 4 3 2 1….

    1. Lol……somebody has to defend her. Who gets trashed more, Stehly or Hubbel? 54321. Hubbel has wins on longivity.

      1. There’s a big difference between the two. One actually managed herself elected recently. One, not so much.

  3. And already I have to note that if you want to debate the efficacy of vaccines, this is not the post for it. This is regarding Lora being denied chairmanship. If you want to start a blog regarding vaccines, please do that on your own. .

    1. Someone is allowed to condemn so-called anti-vaxxers, but not ask about the dangers unvaccinated illegal aliens bring into our communities?

      You post links supporting vaccines, but we’re not allowed to counter that? You discredit Hubbel because of her stand on vaccines, but we’re not allowed to support some of the information she presents? Maybe the talk about this blog has some truth to it.

      In the end it doesn’t matter much to us. Thousands of Americans are questioning and rallying. It doesn’t take much effort or time to find out why we should be asking questions.

    2. I am surprised the 2 faces of the Constitution party, Mike Gunn and Terry Lefluer don’t speak out. They were at the national convention too. Terry’s is probably putting together a one hundred million dollar lawsuit to go after the National Constitutional Chairman. lol. It’s pretty funny.

      1. Are you and Lora named in Dr. Lafluer’s lawsuit also? Better sell that rental property and other assets.

        1. Lora is but unfortunately I was not included. I told him to include me. One hundred million, I don’t even think Donald Trump was ever sued that much.

  4. What is her deal? She is just thirsty for any and all shreds of authority she can possibly get her hands on. She’s entirely oblivious to the fact that she’s a nutcase and hyper-unintelligent. She is a danger to herself and others. If I were her, I would move to a new state and pretend to be a level-headed individual just long enough to get elected if that’s what she wants so bad. Lora, quit struggling for power, no one wants you as their leader. You aren’t strong. You aren’t intelligent. You post spiteful things about people you know little about. You have no character. You bounce around from party to party running for this and that and everything in between and losing-just stop. You’re the epitome of what we call a fool and if I was a serious member of the Constitution party I would vote you out of it.

    1. I’m not sure moving to a new state would help Lora escape from her troubling past. Even a moving to a new country her past would follow her. She would be better moving to a galaxy far far away. There has to be a secret space port or wormhole she could escape and initiate a power grab there.

      1. Hahaha, she needs to take her Hubbelcraft back to her home race of LUNAtics inside the non compos mentisphere of the 3rd moon on planet Bersercury…

    2. Wrong Pat. You don’t even know her. She is a fine person that just has that change the world kind of calling. It’s in her blood. She had no interest in the chairmanship, but what do you do when you have people driving across the state and Lori Stacey doesn’t show up? Oh well it was quite a circus. Just ask the ring master. Thee one and only Dr. Terry Lefluer.

      1. change the world kind of calling? You must mean being the Queen of Chaos!

          1. So, we’re supposed to forget her years of lies and attacks now? Sorry. No can do.

            1. Politics is open game. Free speech to say anything you want against your opponent. Just like you have the freedom to say what ever you want about Lora. Can you come up with some new material. The old stuff has been heard dozens of times over. Take a lesson from the POTUS. At least he’s a lot more entertaining with his name-calling.

              1. No thanks. I’ll stick to pointing out Lora’s own words. Truth is stranger than fiction.

                1. OK, smart people can be pretty out there sometimes. Expansive thinkers.

    3. Mike Gunn has banned a bunch of people for life. lol He is very quiet all of a sudden and Lori Stacey isn’t saying boo.

      1. Tara, we’re all still here, and you all are no longer allowed to vote for or run for any office at any level within the CPSD. You are violating our By-Laws by merely using the CPSD as an illegal candidate. There’s a ease and desists order against you as well.

    4. Dear Anonymous, the State Central Committee of the CPSD did sanction and vote Lying Lora Hubbel out of our Party. It was voted on March 23, 2019 and filed with Steven Barnett of the Secretary of States Office.

  5. The SD Republicans are funded by Soros? I never heard her rant on that one. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

    I wish that the Constitution Party here in South Dakota would get some folks in leadership who aren’t part of the crackers battalion.

      1. There could be if a viable Constitution Party here if the crazies hadn’t blown it to bits.
        Nobody with any sense wants anything to do with these people.

    1. They are funded by the open boarder Koch Brothers. What ever happened to just be funded by the working class. Get rid of PACs. Politicians stand up for principles not pay-pal.

    2. Anonymous. Your ill wishes and vile accusations are aimed at the counterfeit faction led by Dan Lederman and Lora Hubbel. The real CPSD leadership has confidence that at trial, the People of South Dakota will see the truth of how corrupt the Republican Party of South Dakota really is.

      Make sure you’re at the trial. I personally want you to have a front row seat, so you can report the truth back to your readers. Respectfully. I remain. Dr. Terry Lee LaFleur candidate for Governor 2022.

  6. Lora needs to have her grandkids come over and play ‘Constitution Party’ and bring in the old tea party set. Then she can make them elect her as the ‘chairman’ so she can be ‘in charge’ of people…..little people. They could make her a gavel, a throne and everything! That would make her happy and keep her out of other people’s hair. How ’bout that?

    1. I’d be concerned if anyone took photos of those kids and the light happen to reflect off their eyeballs and Lora thinks they have “Demon Eyes” and are possessed. Who knows what Lora would do. Make sure there are sane adults around to supervise the kids and Lora with speed dial set to 911. Remember she is armed and dangerous too.

    1. I agree Lora’s Galactic alien friends from the Hubbleverse need to be vaccinated too.

  7. Dear War College readers. The whole Credentials Hearing meeting in Milwaukee on May 3-4, 2019 was a setup by Frank Fluckiger and Wayne Zimmerschied, just like the July 14, 2018 CPSD Statewide Convention was a setup by Frank Fluckiger, Shantel Krebs, Gordon Howie, Marty Jackley, Tara Valaski, Janette McIntyre, Matt Johnson, Kia Warne, and many others yet to be uncovered.

    Mike Gunn and Dr. LaFleur attended the credentials Hearing with every legal document filed with the SDSOS since 2012. Mike clearly presented irrefutable evidence that the legal Chairman of the CPSD was and is Mike Gunn.

    Lying Lora Hubbel is a compulsive liar (i.e. she has a Mendacity) and simply cannot remember the lies she told yesterday, so she records them for prosperity in her time-line, so as not to forget.

    Hubbel didn’t even get back to Sioux Falls before she was spreading lies about the NCM Credentials Hearing. She posted claims on FB alleging that I bullied the NCM so that she didn’t get what she wanted from them. She claims that they never told her why they refused to affiliate with her lying faction. Mike and I were both standing right there in front of Wayne Zimmerschied when he told us the news. He vehemently stated that the Credentials Committee did not believe a single word that Johnson and Hubbel told them. On the other hand, Wayne commended Mike and I for presenting a compelling presentation. The initial reason Wayne gave all of us is that they thought we did not show the Committee enough evidence that we did enough to save our Ballot access.

    However, Frank and Wayne cut our window to just the filings between our Party and the S.O.S. We were not allowed to talk about what Hubbel and Fluckiger did to pull off the coup on July 14, 2018; and we were not allowed to discuss the federal lawsuit either. In fact, my federal lawsuit turned out to be the real reason they refused to affiliate with Mike Gunn’s Party. Mike Gunn and the CPSD are not even involved in my federal lawsuit. Neither was the Executive Committee for the NCP. Only Frank Fluckiger was personally and professionally named as a defendant in 18-4125. Look it up yourself. Frank Fluckiger in his personal and official capacity as Chairman of the NCP.

    But Hubbel couldn’t wait to even get back to SD before she started lying. By the way Lora, going to Wisconsin and again impersonating the Chairman and/or Pro Tem Chairman of the CPSD constitutes another count of election fraud; only this time you committed the crime in Wisconsin, not SD. We are filing criminal complaints in both states against you. Cant wait to see ho that turns out!

    Stop lying to everyone about why you didn’t get your way. You know damned well you are a lying, cheating sorry human being. It the commentators above and below this post got you pegged to the “Tea”, no pun intended. You shouldn’t be elected for any office including, but not limited to dog catcher!

    Respectfully. I remain. Dr. Terry Lee LaFleur CPSD candidate for Governor SD 2022.

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