I don’t think the #PardonBoz movement is going to pick up much steam.

From comments under the Argus Leader Hickey article:


That’s Annette Bosworth’s sister asking for a Gubernatorial pardon. And she’s completely wrong about “no one in the History of America has ever been prosecuted for a felony charge of nominating petitions.”

Somehow, I don’t think the #PardonBoz movement is going to pick up much steam.

2 thoughts on “I don’t think the #PardonBoz movement is going to pick up much steam.”

  1. Jonathan Ellis has just been unwittingly outed by Peggy Craig as a hack. I think at the point in time when the family of a story’s subject is thanking you for carrying their water, any notion of journalistic integrity has been thrown out the window.

    Ellis seems to be very supportive of Bosworth, omitting facts and manipulating the narrative to make Annette seem sympathetic even though she smeared a veteran for over a year and was blatantly exposed as a liar at trial by her own receptionist. How about an Argus story talking about how Bosworth’s staff corroborated that Joel Arends gave the proper legal advice? How about spilling a little Argus ink clearing the name of a Bronze Star recipient who has been put through hell by this witch?

    How about interviewing the people she ripped off in the raffle scam about how they feel about the verdict?

    Maybe it’s time to start contacting the leadership at the Argus leader to ask them to reinstate some journalistic standards and to suggest some fair and balanced reporting rather than continuing to hold out this fantasy of Bosworthian persecution.

    Ellis’ bosses:
    Randell Beck, Publisher can be emailed at [email protected]
    Maricarrol Kueter, Executive Editor can be emailed at [email protected]

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