I have a hard time imagining the Republican or Democrat SOS candidates posting this. Even with the election over.

Umm…. I can’t imagine Shantel Krebs (R) or maybe Angelia Schultz (D) posting this to facebook. But now that the election is over for 2014 Libertarian Secretary of State candidate Emmett Reistroffer, it’s just another day on facebook:



I’m speechless.

Put a fork in Reistroffer’s Medical pot legalization efforts for 2016. I suspect it’s over before it started.

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  1. One more reason pot heads are stereotyped as irresponsible.

    I hate it when stereotypes are proven to have validity.

  2. Emmett – you’ve got to be kidding here. If not, do you live in SD? Do you want the police to visit your vet? This foolishness, and partnering with the atheists who oppose free speech, are the very things that work to keep potentially medically helpful cannabis extracts from people in chronic pain who may benefit from it.

    1. I think he up’ed and moved to Colorado a few months back. This would have been too good if he was still in state.

    1. I don’t have children at our house so it wouldn’t have been possible, nor would I have allowed something like that to happen.

      For my dog, this was a an honest mistake and a lesson learned, but she’s already recovering and she will be more than healthy and happy by the end of the day…

      By all means lets talks about the effects of consuming marijuana and how to consume it safely. Did you know that no one has ever overdosed or died from marijuana, unlike tobacco, alcohol and almost nearly every FDA approved drug.

      Lets put this into context Pat, seriously…. your reefer madness days are over and we’re winning this war.


  3. Anonymous – have you no shame? Why won’t you reveal who you are.

    For the record – I’m in Colorado where marijuana is legal, and this is a issue that some people have to deal with – like the post says however, the marijuana is not going to hurt her in the long run – but she is feeling it for a while. I’m not ashamed of this but I do feel terrible because it happened. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s not going to stop legalization efforts by any means.

    Of course my friends appreciate my honesty while War College tries to politicize my personal situation….

    1. Emmett,

      The point is that no serious candidate for anything posts how their dog ate their pot. Ever.

      1. Emmett is a serious candidate. Open your mind to a new way of being political: honesty. Emmett is doing a good job bringing the human element to this issue. Time to stop being a lackey for a broken system.

        Re: “That’s dumb, you’re dumb.”

    2. Yes , I would feel ashamed if I posted something stupid on Facebook. That’s why I don’t! And you wouldn’t know me and I am not required to reveal myself so your argument fell flat.

  4. Emmett Reistroffer who says things that are true versus Pat Powers who says whatever advances his ego-driven partisan agenda.

  5. wah wah wah ok lets all stop crying and calling names.

    Pat, are you willing to show us proof that arresting marijuana users makes the community safer or that it reduces drug use/addiction/crime in the community?

    I will wait for your proof, and in the mean time, I will post mine. Arresting marijuana users does not make the community safer, in fact it wastes resources that could be used to make the community safer, therefore it does the exact opposite of what the law originally set out to do. Arresting marijuana users does not reduce drug use, addiction or other problems related to drugs, but generally blows up those problems and makes them worse.

    Prohibition is a failure, that’s what I want to talk about.

    See Brookings Institute: http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/research/files/papers/2014/07/colorado%20marijuana%20legalization%20succeeding/cepmmjcov2.pdf

    1. “are you willing to show us proof that arresting marijuana users makes the community safer ”

      Casual pot users in the US are not arrested for casually using pot. They may be cited, but not arrested.

      STOP THE MADNESS, err, red herrings.

  6. Pat, do you realize that I’m not running for office right now and that I also moved to a state that has legalized marijuana and has a generally much better approach to drug use.

    Your mentality is that we should stigmatize marijuana users, try to humiliate or exploit them and ultimately try to throw them in a rat cage next to child rapists and real criminals….

    In Colorado and many other places around the world, a more thoughtful, compassionate and common-sense mentality is taking over where we treat one another with respect, embrace honesty about drug use, and work to reduce the harms and risks related to drug use rather than punish those who use them..

    So Pat, again, are you willing to provide us with any evidence that marijuana prohibition is working in South Dakota? Do you want to talk policies and real-world outcomes or do you just want to focus on personal attacks and stirring the drama pot.

    Cheers buddy!

  7. Aside from the fact you were just a statewide candidate, are you telling us that you’re NOT going to be involved in a SD ballot measure for 2016 to legalize some uses of pot (which still remains illegal at the federal level)?

    Because if you are, your dog eating it off your table sure sounds like it would be a danger and an argument against it’s legalization in SD.

  8. I guess I should have believed him when he told me the dog ate his homework.

    Some things never change….

  9. I don’t understand libertarians. This is why they are considered a joke.

    Total silence from the libertarian blogosphere on this issue. It’s really funny but it’s also really sad that this is the guy who was in charge of the libertarian party a short time ago.

    1. And I agree with libertarians on so much but they always want to talk about non issues like this.

  10. My gut tells me no dog would ever eat a bud of the horrific smelling stuff they are selling out of sealer glass jars in Colorado.

    The mystery is only what , if, the dog ate to cause this deathly lethargic state. I’d check any treat or food from China…………………

  11. So Pat, what happens when Emmett’s kind bud mutt starts writing sonnets, composing chamber music, and doing calculus? 😉

    1. (Sorry, we just watched the movie ‘Lucy’ last night and my fantasy mind ran off on a tangent a little. LOL)

  12. At this moment CBS 60 Minutes is examining Colorado’s marijuana economy. It’s a snapshot of the entrepreneurs working to make it permanent and nationwide.

    1. I just watched that too. What’d they say about the college student jumping from a hotel window on ‘Marijuana Intoxication’?

      Maybe there’s more harmful effects than proponents would like to think.

      1. I know. I wanted to have that question explored MUCH more deeply. So the kid ate one or two “marijuana cookies” then jumped from a student hi-rise to his death and the coroner found “marijuana intoxication” if I understand it correctly. MAN, to just say, “hey we’re instantly and heavily regulating edibles” begs another dozen questions and a whole separate news investigation.

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