I smiled when I saw the listing for “several megaphones”

I was noticing on the Argus Leader web site this morning that there’s a huge auction coming up on Saturday in Brandon. I’ve got family from out of state in town this weekend, otherwise, I’m sure I’d be there.

And I have to admit I smiled when I saw that included in the property were “several megaphones.”


We will offer the following personal property located at 26437 481st Ave., (N. Hwy. #11), Brandon, SD or from the Brandon Exit #406 on I-90 – 4 miles south on Splitrock Blvd. (Hwy. 11 – just 1 mile S of Husets Speedway) or from the Jct. of Hwys. #11 & #42 – 2 miles north; from Sioux Falls, SD – (Jct. of E. 10th St. & S. Hwy. #11) – 3 miles east on Hwy. #42 and 2 miles north on 481st Ave.

AUCTIONEERS NOTE:  This auction has something for everyone!  This will be a very interesting auction with a wide variety of items – Note 2 Rings will be utilized throughout a good portion of this auction!  Make plans to come spend the day.  A spacious Parking Area will be off of Hwy. #11 in the pasture located directly south of the farmstead. 


PROFESSIONAL SOUND & CIVL DEFENSE TYPE EQUIPMENT, 8′ CHANGEABLE SIGN w/LETTERS & MISC.:  2 Lg. UBL Mdl. 4699B Professional Series Speakers; 4 Mackie SRS 1560 Active Subwoofer Speakers; 2 JBL 3 Way Speakers; 3 Mackie SRM 450 Active Sound Reinforc. Monitor System; Anchor Audio Megavox PV-35 Loudspeaker; Galls Street Thunder Megaphone; Several Megaphones; Stereo Equip.; Cyclops 14 Million Candlepower Spotlite; 2 Speaker Tripods; 12V Recharg. Spotlites; Fuel Operated Safety Flares; 8′ Light Up Sign w/Arrow & Letters & Other Related Misc. Items.


Read it all here.

I’m sure there will be many fond memories discussed this weekend at the sale involving our former Governor, who no one can deny was a “take charge” guy, with many photos of him with a megaphone in hand.

7 thoughts on “I smiled when I saw the listing for “several megaphones””

  1. Just to make sure there isn’t any confusion. Most of that list is likely his DJ equipment.

    That said, I think it amusing to recall Governor Janklow’s take charge personna and expectation everyone listened to him.

    He was a man who made a difference.

  2. Wild Bill was a DJ? DJ like Tiesto? Calvin Harris? Spinderella? Cut it up one time. Oooh Oooh Oooh.

      1. Not so much a rock but I was living in another state during his time off from governing. Too bad I missed out!

  3. I remember someone told me once that Bill Janklow donated his governor salary to a charity. It sounds like something he would do. Like him or hate him, he knew how to get things done for SD.

  4. Digger that was because he was accused of making real money with insider trading and short selling video lottery stock.

    1. Outhouse, from what I understand, you are confirming he did indeed give his salary to charity. I am taking it you would not say this unless you had some knowledge. As for why you believe he gave his salary to charity, as long as I have followed Bill Janklow in the news, there have been countless accusations made about him. When he ran for AG, he had to deal with baseless accusations about his time on the reservation. He had to deal with the Arduous Liar all during his career attacking him. From what I have seen of his career as governor of the state of SD, he had the interests of South Dakota at heart. One can say he did not like people who told him something could not be done. He saw a problem and tried to figure out how it could be solved. And many problems were solved with his leadership. You may not have liked him, but he did get things done for this state.

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