If you draft him….will he run?

According to Jonathan Ellis — a new draft has been started but only one need serve — Matt Varilek — to run for dems’ nomination for U.S. House.

An interesting note — one of the committee members is Steve Hildebrand, fresh from his Build it Downtown loss, Steve is the person who made it okay for Dems to be against Herseth Sandlin.  He suggested he’d run against her in the primary in 2010 before helping Dr. Weiland almost mount a primary challenge.

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  1. Duh

    Hildebrand. What a juvenile political mutt. He thinks he’s more influential than he is and that’s a stretch by any means. I hope the dems keep using him for political strategy. This will ensure more GOP victories in the future… What is he 0-3, 0-4?? The Anti-Midas touch if I ever saw one.

  2. anonymous

    I would reccomend the Dems recruit him. It’s a better strategy than the one they used on Thune in ’10.

    Chris Lien was a much better candidate than the % of votes he won in 2008. It’s all about climate and message. You have to run when people are willing to listen.

    I will assume the dems go after Noem pretty hard this cycle but will not win or be all that close.

  3. anonymous

    My advice to democrats is prioritize and focus on legislative races in friendly districts.

    They will not have great odds of winning a statewide race for a while but I do believe they could win a decent # of legislative races if they are focused and work very hard at recruiting good candidates.

  4. caheidelberger

    With respect, anon, now’s not the time for Dems to give Noem a pass. Dems should run hard on Legislature, but they should also put up a strong U.S. House candidate to lead the ticket. Synergize those races with the HB 1230 referendum (if Sec. Gant approves!), and Dems have a shot they shouldn’t waste with a limited campaign. Fill those slots!

  5. Spencer

    Wow, I see the South Dakota Democratic Party is already set for 2012. Matt Varilek is highly qualified for any of South Dakota’s county auditor positions. I would highly recommend Steve Hildebrand for a county commissioner seat just not in my county. Dr. Weiland has county coroner written all over him. One cannot help this pervasive feeling of insatiable wanting when looking at the South Dakota Democratic bench.

  6. Anonymous

    There seems to be a lot of energy around a potential Varilek campaign… or else the Dems just want anyone but Jeff Barth…

    If Varilek can raise the money and put forth a campaign to keep Noem below 58% of the vote I will say he won a moral victory. If he gets spanked like Whalen and Lien did (they gave up 69% of the vote) against Herseth then I will say SD has totally bought into Noem as their congresswoman.

    1. feasant

      I disagree with you. Herseth won with a big majority. She ran as a fiscal Conservative, but her voting record caught up to her. She no longer could say one thing in SD and vote another in DC. She didn’t live in the State, she lived in DC and voted like a DC resident.

      If Kristi Noem continues to vote like a Conservative and lives in SD she will continue to represent this State. We are sick and tired of DC politics, I predict another huge victory for true Conservatives in 2012.

      1. Anonymous

        No doubt Noem will win reelection and Matt Varilek doesn’t seem to be a “rockstar” like the D’s need.

        1. Anonymous

          I’m not sure we will hardly notice the 2012 cycle in SD. It might be as boring as 2008 was (on a state level).

          2014 is the big year.

  7. Anonymous

    Is he personable? And by that I mean does he give a winning first impression.

    He must be good at retail politics in SD if he is to even have a glimmer of hope.

  8. anon

    I don’t think Herseth lost because she was too liberal and her voting record caught up to her. She lost because she wasn’t standing up to the liberals in DC who were driving this country off a cliff and South Dakotans didn’t want a fence sitter at this time in our history. maybe she wanted this stuff but she was still calculating her votes towards SD to a large degree.

    (I’m not saying Herseth isn’t liberal just that I don’t think she’d reached that point with SD voters like Daschle did.)


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