I’m guessing Dan Ahlers doesn’t need a mask, because no one goes to his booth.

From the Sioux Empire fair today:

The next time one of your Democrat friends rails on about Republicans not wearing masks, here’s a photo of US Senate candidate Daniel Ahlers at The Sioux Empire fair.

However, it may be a moot point. Because do you really need a mask if nobody is going to your fair booth?

15 thoughts on “I’m guessing Dan Ahlers doesn’t need a mask, because no one goes to his booth.”

  1. That was most likely a rare moment. I’ve worked at that booth for the last three days and have always worn a mask.

    In fact, I worked Saturday and Sunday with Dan at that booth and he always had a mask on.

    1. Thats false because i talked with him for over 20 minutes on Sunday and he did not have a mask on at all! Plus i have pictures to prove it!

    1. But the holier-than-thou Democrats are always berating the governor; so they can say she’s wrong but not follow their own advice?

      As I always say, Democrat is a synonym for Hypocrite.

    1. A man’s home is his castle! (Unless the police knock)

      We hate redistribution of wealth! (Unless it’s for the 1%)

      We believe in state’s rights! (Unless it has sanctuary cities)

      We’re the party of Lincoln! (With recent endorsements by the KKK)

      We believe in free trade! (And the occasional old fashioned trade war)

      We’re the party of fiscal responsibility! (When Democrats are in office)

      We’re pro-life! (Except when it comes to pandemics, war, and executions)

      We believe in personal responsibility! (With the exception of family planning)

      We’re pro-family values! (Unless it’s to separate families and put kids in cages)

      We’re pro-personal liberty! (Gay marriage, abortion, and cannabis not included)

      We believe in small government! (Unless we have to roll the army into your town)

      We love the United States of America! (But go ahead and wave those Confederate flags)

      We defend personal private property! (Unless we have to seize your land to build our wall)

      We want a return to public decency! (Like those very fine people who marched in Charlottesville)

      We believe in freedom of speech! (Though we may tear-gas peaceful protesters from time to time)

      We believe in equal opportunity for all! (It’s just a coincidence that our policies hurt people of color)

      We’re the party of law and order! (Unless it’s Trump, he can break all the laws)

      We believe in traditional Christian morality! (Except for electing a thrice married adulterer who ran on the promise of committing war crimes)

      America first! (Assuming Russia approves)

      1. To much stupidity to respond to on this one. Typical brain-washed leftist with eyes closed.

        To hit a few:

        States don’t have the rights to subvert immigration law which is under the federal government’s umbrella.

        People that wave confederate flags most likely love this country more than the typical Democrat.

        The main job is to provide security to the citizens of the country; if left-wing idiot mayors and governors don’t provide that security in order to placate terrorist groups then the federal government should step in.

        Lack of personal responsibility is the reason for the majority of unwanted pregnancies, and what you are doing with abortion is taking a human life.

        Eminent domain occurs on a regular basis; just because it is happening to help stem the tide of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION doesn’t make it wrong in this instance.

        Did you complain when Obummer put kids in cages? Probably not, because you are a typical left-wing hypocrite.

        The Democrat party was the party that started the KKK, and Joe Biden’s mentor, Robert “Grand Wizard” Byrd was a member and a huge racist, but you won’t admit to that.

        I could go on addressing your inaccuracies, but I have a job and have to support all the Dems who don’t want to work.

  2. In the Expo Building, the Minnehaha GOP have a booth which is fine; and there is even a federal Mike Rounds booth, too, but where are the federal Thune and Dusty booths? If there aren’t federal Thune and Dusty booths there, then isn’t it fair to say that federal tax dollars are being used to help re-elect Mike by helping to give him his own booth persona in an election year and with the help of John and Dusty’s planned federal absence? #faircorndogs4thought

  3. Making masks about Republican vs Democrats is idiotic. Try to socially distance when possible. If not possible, try to wear a mask. I don’t know anything about the man in the photo, but it looks like he is applying common sense at the time the photo was taken. He is outside with not many people around, and doesn’t appear to have a need for a mask with proper social distancing.

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