I'm rambling. Have fun.

This morning the Argus had so many interesting and provocative pieces, I feel inspired to ramble on them and violate one of my pet peeves: Threads that deteriorate into multiple unrelated and tangential commentary. I thought about splitting them into separate posts but that left me with two choices: Basically take over the entire first page or dribble them out such they lose concurrence with today’s Argus. So you get my ramble.

RACIAL PROFILING: Yvonne Hawkins takes a temperate approach to what appears to be blatant unacceptable behavior regarding admission to two Sioux Falls bars, the Liebrary and 18th Amendment. What a person wears is a statement about who you are (at least that is what the ?fashionistas? say all the time). If you take your fashion cues from hookers on the street, ghetto gangsters, or Nazi?s, you should expect me to make a judgment on who you are and don?t be surprised if it isn?t flattering. But, these young black men were not dressed as ?gangsters? and are known in the community as fine young men, yet they were still denied admission. It is hard not to reach the conclusion they were denied not based dress but the fact they are black. People who know them or people who know them (including my Augie-student daughter) don’t believe they were being “ganster-like.” My point: Yvonne, it appears ?racial profiling? is practiced in these bars and you were a bit too generous. My guess is these young men heard about the profiling and decided to do a little ?citizen sting operation.? As a community, we should respond with a 30 day boycott of these bars. Yes bar owner, you have the right to deny people you find undesirable but if you find people undesirable because of the color of the skin, we will show our disapproval by going somewhere else. http://www.argusleader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2011103250311

For background on what she is talking about: http://www.argusleader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2011103200318

CONSISTENCY ON STATE TAXES AND FEES: The Editorial Board is claiming the fee increase for the United Judicial Service and Game Fish and Parks makes the Governor “disingenuous” because he didn?t do the same thing for K-12 education. Hello! The UJS, Game Fish and Parks, Board of Regents and K-12 school districts are autonomous or semi-autonomous from the Governor?s office and have legal capacity to regulate their revenue stream. The Argus is the one being inconsistent. As they state, the school districts have an option for ?alternative revenue? via the opt out. Well, so does GF&P (campground user fees), UJS (various court charges and fines) and the Regents (tuition). The Argus is again showing their bias via a selective criticism and lack of intellectual vigor toward the Governor. They?d didn?t howl when just a few days ago, the Regents said they were going to partially meet the cutback with tuition increases. http://www.argusleader.com/article/20110325/VOICES01/103250305/-1/voices01/Editorial-consistent-taxes-fees

Leonard Pitts raises a good point on this but uses a bad example. Rights are not freedoms given to me by the government but are mine by virtue of the reality I?m a human being. All the government can do is recognize those rights and protect them from undue infringement. I have a right to form a home with whoever I want and a family within the constraints biology permits without unreasonable interference from the government. I have no right to demand the government endorse my arrangement or add whoever I want to add under my ?family tent.? If every privilege is a ?right?, we water down real rights and lose understanding rights are inherent.

WHAT THE HECK ARE WE DOING IN LIBYA?: When we went into Afghanistan, I supported it only to the extent it was to root out Bin Laden. When it grew to nation building, I opposed it and for awhile I had liberals agreeing with me until candidate Obama said it was the war we ?should be fighting.? I opposed going into Iraq because it appeared to have an excessive tilt toward nation-building and was roundly criticized by liberals and conservatives alike. After Bush?s famous ?Mission Accomplished,? when liberals joined me in my position (come home), I wasn?t very comfortable with the alliance because their position appeared to be mostly about criticizing Bush and not opposition to nation-building (their continued support of Afghanistan affirms my uneasiness regarding liberals sincerity of principle). The Argus headline is ?Why Libya? It?s complicated.? Actually, it isn?t. Our moron for a President doesn?t know what to do but feels a need to do something. In the end, unless we are willing to commit to a 10 year semi-occupation of Libya like we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, nothing will good will come from what we are doing. (Cover article doesn?t appear to be in the free online addition so no link)

BUSINESSES JOIN PROGRAM TO HELP EMPLOYEES WITH ADDICTION: Kevin Kirby has made his life mission to help people with addiction and I applaud him for it. He is a good man doing good work. Once again, business does the right thing by their employees with government mandate. In the end, like everything done without the heavy hand of the government, it will be done efficiently and effectively. Thanks Kevin. http://www.argusleader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2011103250301

THE FAMILY PICTURE OF AMERICA IS CHANGING: The United States was a nation founded on a revolutionary principle: each person has inherent dignity and rights bestowed on them by their Creator. Our nation consisted of natives, Western European immigrants or their descendants, and Blacks brought to America on slave ships. In our first 100 years, with intermittent steps backwards, we gradually better incorporated and internalized these principles in practice (most significantly when we freed the slaves). In the second 100 years, we began to integrate Eastern Europeans, moved forward slowly but steadily with regard to the treatment of Black Americans. With the exception the debacle with Native Americans, looking back through the prism of history America has dealt with more challenges of integration of diverse cultures, peoples and creeds than anywhere in the world and done a pretty good job at living up to our founding principles. In the 21st century, we will begin to embark on a new challenge- the integration of people from Latin America who represent 43% of America?s population growth and people of Asian descent. In Sioux Falls, in addition to Hispanics, we also have the privilege for welcoming people from the Sudan and other African nations. I have great hopes we have learned from the mistakes we made in the past with regard to our treatment of Irish immigrants, Polish and East European immigrants, and better and more quickly integrate these new people coming here for the same reasons: America is the land of opportunity for people desiring a better life for them and their family through family values, hard work, and love of home. God will continue to bless America so long as we continue to strive to live up to our core principle: Each person has dignity and inalienable rights granted to them by Him who made them.

(Again, the article regarding the change isn?t in the free online addition but here is a link to Sioux Falls immigration opportunity http://www.argusleader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2011102200309 )

NOT IN THE ARGUS BUT DARN EXCITING: Last night, the Youth Enrichment Services (a child care and other children services non-profit) announced it is becoming “The Boy’s and Girl’s Club of the Sioux Empire” and raised 40% more than its goal during these economic times to expand its programming and focus for underprivileged children. It is amazing and a testament of the generosity of the people of Sioux Falls. Way to go Bill Baker (campaign chair), his fundraising team, and Karen Fogas (President of the organization formerly known as YES)! You did good!

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  1. springer

    The integration of people from Latin America is complicated by the fact that many of these come here illegally and impact the economics of the states they settle into. And then there is the issue that some of them do not want to meld into our culture and do not appreciate our nation (the protests in the past and the recent episode of certain students not liking our country in AZ). I have no problem with the LEGAL immigration. I have a big problem with ILLEGAL immigration. And no, before someone accuses me, I am not racist.

  2. DDC


    I certainly don’t think you are a racist, but I want to point out that it simply isn’t possibly for the vast majority of immigrants (from anywhere) to come to America and work legally. In an attempt to control immigration and the economy, our politicians have created ridiculous quotas that do not match what the market needs.

    As long as the system makes it impossible for immigrants to legally come here, they’re going to do it illegally. I know I would.

  3. Name

    Living part time in AZ and seeing the southern population on a day to day image I have changed a great deal. Our great plains image and reality are much different. It is quite common to see very mixed mexican people in very profitable and growing businesses, working at very technical jobs, living in very nice homes and offices. The list goes on of very good people. As a whole they are NO different that the people of the great plains.. Yes crime, etc exists as it does on the great plains.

    What did the US do with the people that became residents of the US with the Gadsen Purchase? Did we give them citizenship or did we just say the children will be citizens as they are born. I would guess we did nothing and the children won out. Hope the white stuff goes away so I can return to the great plains!!!!

  4. THC

    One bit of a nitpick….I opposed nation-building when it was promoted by Bush. I oppose nation-building when it is promoted by Obama.
    Some might describe me as a liberal and for the sake this argument, I will be one. The folks who broke with you when Obama endorsed an imperial policy toward Afghanistan are better described as Dedmocratic party hacks….much like those Republican party who blindly endorsed anything Bush did and, now that Obama is pursuing the same idiotic aims, suddenly stop short and do a 180.

    Party politics is the most moronic form of politics one can elect to pursue, particularly in an age where some intellectual clarity is called for and too often cast aside.

    (I hear you THC with regard to the blind following within party ranks with regard to leeway given to leaders to do nonsense, especially where the approach is Democrats blindly criticize Bush nation-building and are silent on Obama nation-building or vice versa. This is also combined with nonsense reasoning even if you agree with the policy. The attitude creates a environment to internal cleansing and diversity of thought within a party. However, I disagree if you are inferring party politics is inherently bad. If done right (where there is diversity of thought within a philosophical range), party politics can improve the body politic. Troy

    1. Les

      Excellent TCH, I look forward to more of this.

      The philosophical range has to move back from raping the US taxpayer and holding the less developed nations of the world hostage to their natural resources with our puppet dictators Troy.

      Currently, party planks hardly matter, just more of the moronic clatter spewed by rat’s in or out of the rat race.

  5. larry kurtz

    “As fighting continued, Christian groups expressed concern about Libya’s future. “We don’t know how this is going to end up, but we have a window of opportunity now for a few weeks, months–maybe years–that we can go in with the Gospel with this new-found freedom,” Pederson said, speaking about devoted Christians. “However, we’ve gone from dictatorship to anarchy, and we don’t know where it’s going to end.””

    You pinged my christo-dar, Mr. Jones: http://interested-party.blogspot.com/2011/02/salaam-aleikum.html


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