3 thoughts on “I’m thinking some snark was involved there.”

  1. My snark, or Fred’s?

    I plan my committees for Tuesday and Thursday so Wednesday morning is free. That is the time I hole away in my study and prepare a sermon for Sunday. So I miss the Wednsday prayer meeting Fred is referring to. But we have 11 prayer meetings a week here at the church so Im not feeling bad missing the Wednesday morning one.

  2. A reporter wanting to do a story on the “Wall” in Jerusalem, asked a local resident what it was all about, and the resident pointed to a man standing over against the wall with his head up against it and said, “Ask him, he comes here every day.”

    So the reporter went over, introduced himself, and asked, “So, what’s this all about? I hear you come here every day. What do you do?”

    The man said, “Well, first, I pray that the Israelis can find peace with the Palestinians. Then, I pray that Christians can make peace with the Muslims. Then finally, I pray that all people who hate one another can instead find their way to love and harmony instead.”

    The reporter said, “Wow, that’s a powerful set of prayers. How do you feel about things when you’re done?”

    The man looked him straight in the eye and said, “Like I’m talking to a #*&%ing wall.”

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