81 thoughts on “In case you were worried Lora Hubbel took a week off of being nuts….”

  1. Why don’t you debate her guys? Let the smear campaign begin. Oh, that’s right, you have been doing this for years.

    1. It is like trying to debate someone who is convinced the earth is flat. They are seriously mistaken, and you are not going to convince him otherwise.

      1. So you think she is stupid? We have a Governor’s race coming up and your’e picking out things that don’t even pertain to the race. Why don’t you post what she has to say about EB-5, Gear-up, Limited Government, Transparency, etc. At least she is the anti-establishment outsider that has substance and would rather debate than get selfies taken.

        1. They why is SHE posting them…they matter as it shows she is out of touch…no one is forcing her to post that stuff. she decided to run for governor and when you do your actions are fair game.

          She has ZERO chance of winning so what she might or might actually do doesn’t matter as she is not credible.

          1. If she has zero chance of winning, why is she frequently the topic of conversation here?

            1. Lora’s the dumpster fire of state politics. She’s probably not going to make the ballot, so it’s all going to be over soon.

              1. Wrong, she is easily going to make the ballot. I must compliment DWU for hosting the first gubernatorial forum of the campaign season I believe Oct. 17th.. Hubbel will be there

  2. All I know is Jews said this prayer before they ate: “Blessed are you, O Lord, our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us through your commandments and has commanded us concerning the washing of hands”

  3. I don’t think she’s stupid. I do, however, think she’s a very troubled soul. A sane person wouldn’t put themselves out in the public eye with such nonsense.

    1. She is probably not stupid. She is, like many pretty women, insaner than most. Very much a cracked egg.

      1. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I was flipping my daughter over so the government could control her better. Lora may well be smarter than I, but at least I’m smart enough to not run for Governor knowing I have zero chance.

  4. Did you guys read the article? Do you fact checking before you smear her. You have to come up with something better than that.

      1. Quit being such drama queens. You guys sound like little grade schoolers. Grudz, no I have never danced with Ms Hubbel in a public bar. Why do you ask?

  5. How ’bout her post about how the NFL is no longer non-profit? She apparently doesn’t even read the stuff she links to, as the article is from 2015! She reminds me of Dug from the movie Up! Squirrel!

  6. There she goes again. Tara, that is. Chastising us for shaking our heads at the crazy stuff Hubbel puts out there. We’re all supposed to pretend we didn’t see it. Just like Tara does.

    1. Do you think she is wrong on all the scandals going on in SD? Why don’t some of Republican organizations schedule some debates and discuss real issues. I think your common voter wants to know how these candidates will make SD great again. I ran into Tim Bjorkman the other night and he said he offered to debate, they just run the other way. That tells me something about the Republican elites that won’t even invite a Gubernatorial candidate to give her testimony. I hope FHA doesn’t pull the same stunt. Hey Lora will go anywhere, just give her a call. She want to hear from you.

      1. Lora is not just wrong on most things, she’s batty. For example:

        Ron Paul & Bombing Auschwitz: “Being that America did NOT support Israel when they asked for bombers to help them destroy Auschwitz and hence we suffered for ignoring them (the Bible says that as a nation does to Israel, so God will do to them, and we suffered in Vietnam that same amount of years as months that we ignored Israel – maybe a coinsidence but may be not)… and similarly Ron Paul would not actively support Israel, I can’t support him. And Ron Paul does not acknowledge that Pharmachia and sorcery are the same in the biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek and are WRONG (and i believe are a gateway to hell) I cannot support him… though he would be good as the Sec of Treasury!” (Lora Hubbel Facebook 3/3/2012)

        Read More: Lora Hubbel: Butterball Turkeys, Ron Paul & Bombing Auschwitz | http://ksoo.com/lora-hubbel-butterball-turkeys-ron-paul-the-bombing-of-auschwitz-opinion/?trackback=tsmclip

        Those are her words. And there is not any part of it that is not nuts.

        1. Pat you posted part of the article….clique on and read the whole article. She is controversial and a critical thinker. She is very well rounded.

          1. A critical thinker?

            As in, “she has critical damage to the thinking center of her brain, so it affects her higher reasoning functions?”

    2. Did you read the article? apparently not. Go to her fb and read it. Your little cult master is deceiving you. Don’t be sheople, but thing for yourself. Thanks.

    3. Like what crazy stuff….you guys are the crazy ones that are attacking Lora. I have a problem with narrow minded people. You’ve got to try a little kindness, and show a little kindness. Shine your light for everyone to see. So show a little kindness and you’ll overlook the blindness of the narrow minded people on the narrow minded streets. One of my favorite songs by Glen Campbell. Educate yourself and quit listening to bloggers. Do your fact checking with several sources, then think for yourself…..You can do it. Thank folks. You are good people.

    4. I just laugh because you sound like grade schools not wanting to do their homework. I am talking about Pat and his side kick Mike Clark.

  7. The anti-vaxxers are certifiably insane, and gaining traction, which is really disturbing. The idea that somebody with these crazy ideas could rise to a position of influence in public health should alarm everybody. It would be like Jenny McCarthy being in charge of the Dept of Health.
    I think it’s interesting that in the movie “Delovely,” which I watched again this week, In the part of the movie where the Murphys’ son Patrick dies of TB, their other son, Boath, is at the funeral. In fact, Boath died two years earlier of measles. I can imagine the discussions over the screenplay: “if we put that in there, Jenny McCarthy will call for a boycott of the film.”

    We can’t fix stupid, but we can try to keep it off the ballot.

    1. Call Me crazy, I will never get a flu shot. I have Nurse friends that will get fired if the don’t get the flu shot. The school required our kids to get flu shots in order to play bb. I told them no way. People have to be more assertive before you let other people make decisions for you.

    2. It would be like Betsy Devos in charge of the Dept of Education or Ajit Pai in charge of the FCC….oh wait…

      1. Betsy Devos is a good person with good ideas. Hillary Clinton as president? Now there is an idiotic thought.

  8. Tara,

    Here’s the deal. What she said is factually wrong.*. Period. She say stuff like that all the time. She is either stupid or crazy or a unabashed liar. Since you know her, I will let you pick and I will go with it.

    *mankind has been washing for thousands of years even though they didn’t understand the science (bacteria and viruses hadn’t been discovered but had been hypothesized).

    The gentleman mentioned above only explained the science behind it and he rationale behind soaps, etc. He was able to do explain the science as bacteria had come to be understood.

  9. Troy can your explain what Lois Pasteur and these other scientists said in the article that was wrong? Don’t take one thing that Pat posted literally. Be a critical thinker and read the whole article and come up with your own conclusions. Thanks. This smear campaign is getting old.

  10. Tara,

    Her statement is hand washing and vaccines entered history at the same time. That is FALSE by literally thousands of years. You really can’t get much more removed from reality than that. It then makes her statement about the health improvements ungrounded.

    I will let you answer: Is she stupid, crazy or a liar?

    1. Actually Semmelweis (spelling?) came up with medical hand washing in 1846. Prior to that it wasn’t considered important.
      The first smallpox vaccination was performed in 1796.
      Pasteur was doing a lot of his work with bacteria in the 1850s
      All of this was the result of understanding that micro-organisms are real and deadly.
      However, handwashing is not enough to prevent a lot of diseases, and anyone who tells you that is insane.

    2. Troy, you are playing politics again. I know you are a party insider, but please, THINK FOR YOURSELF. Thanks. RESEARCH EVERYTHING, not just one or two articles.

    3. Sorry you feel that way, but and independent critical thinker would not.The problem is, you are diverting stupid stuff from the real things that are affecting SD. Why won’t you talk about it, instead of finding a post that has no affect on the Gubernatorial election?

  11. …let me debate it….name the person you want me to debate…they won’t do it because true research science is on my side…not business model medical science. Pat Powers is a science idiot….and MC has no education…

    1. And Lora, you can do all the name calling you want.

      You’ve blamed me for your two losses as a Republican when you ran for Gov, and Senate ( you skipped when you ran as an independent, and when you led the constitution party). So why should 2018 be any different.

      Instead of obsessing over social media, you might try actually campaigning. But then you’d only be able to blame yourself.

    2. …and this is why I will not debate Ms. Hubbel or Ms. Volesky. They are both very angry, and are already in set in full attack mode.

      I fear they may have been lost to the Dark Side. There still might be Light in there, and I hope there is. We have more than enough hate in this world.

      1. They don’t debate. They do the hokey pokey and they turn themselves around. That’s what it’s all about.

      2. MC you are Pat’s lap dog. You are to scared to debate, so you divert to name calling or changing the topic. What a chicken. lol. And you are in the Legislature. Get educated.

        1. Would that be issues such as why we don’t need to vaccinate, and why America should have helped Israel bomb Auschwitz? Or better yet, the prejihad occurring at the Sioux Falls Airport? Or jet contrails. Or weather control.

          Because that’s the crazy she writes about. And the only debate would be regarding how unfit she is for Office.

  12. They put the crazy in
    They put distraction out
    They put the blame game in
    and they shake it all about

  13. You attack dogs are leftists. When you don’t like someones conservative positions, you revert to name calling and smear tactics.

  14. Pat, you are so bizarre. lol. Glad you are making money off the establishment candidates to try and destroy the people’s candidate. I think SD is ready for a true conservative instead of another RINO.

    1. I sure they do want a conservative instead of a Republican In Name Only. And that’s not Lora, who most certainly is a RINO, since she’s switched parties and allegiances more than once depending on her political ambitions.

      She’s run as an independent candidate, and was just Chair of another political party. And now she’s back to being registered as GOP.

      If that doesn’t make her a Republican In Name Only (RINO), I don’t know what else would.

  15. Tara, have you ever noticed that you’re the ONLY person that ever tries to defend her? Here on the most widely read blog in the state? (By a country mile, I might add). Possibly you’re the brainwashed one? The rest of us see the obvious, and your eyes have somehow been clouded? I guess time will tell, but I predict she gets a fraction of a fraction of the vote in the primaries. It’s just too easy for even the mildly aware to figure out she’s off her rocker.

    1. You didn’t answer the question. Have you noticed that you’re the lone voice of support on here, the most widely read political blog in the state? Surely even you can see she has no chance. Even if you believe everything she says, you have to be able to realize that not a single other person on here does. I’ll say that a small percentage of what she says I agree with, but there’s just too much tinfoil hat garbage to take her seriously.

    2. If you think the majority of that 20% was a vote for Lora you’re nuttier than she is.

      It was an anti-Daugaard vote, and nothing more.

  16. I know Jon, but I like defending the underdog. I just believe people are afraid to speak their mind. I think Lora has a larger following than you think. There are very few people that are going to speak out for an outsider. I also have defended Lynn Disanto. I just wish she would have fought back instead of pulling a disappearing act. Some people can’t handle pressure or criticism. Not the case for Hubble. She is a competitor. You have to like that part about her. She will fight for SD. We need a righteous leader like Hubbel. I know Steve Bannon will support her. He likes those kind. I respect your opinion, because SD has been run by dominate men. They sure aren’t use to out spoken women. lol.

      1. Well, Republicans will sure have a clear choice in the Gubernatorial Republican primary…..status quo or conservative out spoken fearless person that will stand up and fight to bring back integrity and transparency. Hubbel will never back down, she will stand her ground. Bring on the name calling, people can see through it.

  17. This post is Priceless. Troy Jones once accused of being a RINO by the Neo Con Right Zingers now accused of being a Party Insider. The Man is everything to everyone! LOL
    Go Jones!!!! 😂

  18. Charlie,

    If you aggregate all the different ideologies I’ve been accused of being I am a

    right wing, liberal, RINO, socialist, GOP Insider, racist, miseganist, feminist,mysogynist, capitalist, anti-American.

    All that when all I aspire to be the best version of myself I can be. I get so confused I just turn on the Lifetime channel and watch a movie with a bag of Doritos, multiple dips and salsas, a six pack of beer, and a spittoon.

  19. Now you are making me get my Thesaurus out again Troy.

    I’m shaking my head with you though.

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