Interesting rumor on the street… Heidelberger to come back for another electoral beating?

Had an interesting rumor passed my way yesterday.

At the same time former State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger is busy dismissing all Republicans as Trumpist tools, the rumor on the street is that Cory is going to – once again – run for the South Dakota State Legislature.

If you recall, Heidelberger first lost a race for the state legislature against Al Novstrup in 2016, when Al proved to the electorate that he was Heidelberger’s better:

Via ballotpedia..

In 2018, while Heidelberger did manage to hold his opponent just under 60%, he once again tasted the bitter tears of defeat at Novstrup’s hands:

Again, via ballotpedia.

So what am I hearing about 2020?  The rumor coming out of Aberdeen is that supposedly, because Cory could not get the job done against Al Novstrup, Dems are going to replace him on the ballot with Brooks Briscoe, and Heidelberger will pivot to the House race in 2020.  Now, Briscoe himself lost twice in running for the House in District 3, like Heidelberger losing in both 2016 and 2018, but given that neither can seem to make a dent in GOP dominance in the races they’ve been running, supposedly they’re going to switch it up.

With each having lost twice in their respective races, of course, they should give it another run, except for the other’s contest.  I’m sure playing against each other’s team will work out well for them.

Nothing is confirmed just yet, but with fewer than 60 days until petitions start circulating, those races should start to gel, as well as the 68 other State Legislative races that people will be voting on come 2020.

Hang on – it’s going to get bumpier from here!

8 thoughts on “Interesting rumor on the street… Heidelberger to come back for another electoral beating?”

  1. Is Mr Novstrup running as a Democrat again or a Republican? Would this be a primary election in June?

      1. Al if you start zipping and zapping around Aberdeen on a bicycle (in winter especially) your friends are doing an intervention on you buddy!!! LOL 😆

          1. Don’t get into town much after PT was concluded. 10 AM Coffee Club is a hoot though buddy!!!

  2. Well Cory keeps calling Republicans stupid and losers he proves that he should just look in the mirror

  3. It’s rare to run into someone that between he personally and his out of state cult followers do their best to insult and piss off district 3 Democrats, Independents and Republicans voters and the whole damn state.

    Insert round into chamber, switch safety off, aim at foot and pull the trigger. That is CAH and drags down the SDDP.

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