Is going to change their name to Weiland combining couch voting with pot legalization & killing grandma petitions.

Slick Rick Weiland is announcing a new partnership today with the pot peddlers of South Dakota, New Approach, SD, and they are trying to combine their efforts at couch voting with New Approach’s efforts to legalize pot and grandma-killing in South Dakota:

Since they’re aligning with the people trying to make illegal drugs easier to get, is  Weiland’s “Take it back” now going to change their name to “Toke it back?”  Or maybe Take it back, Dude..

Anyway you slice it, just another reminder to be very careful what you consider signing. because the axis of electoral evil is trying to make it a package deal.

14 thoughts on “Is going to change their name to Weiland combining couch voting with pot legalization & killing grandma petitions.”

  1. Take It facebook page with this announcement had a comment from a woman saying there was no way she would support any organization that has anything to do with getting pot legalized and then stressed what should have been focused on such as Social Security and what she described were bread and butter issues and she said this was divisive. I replied that I totally agree with her.

    Just checked and it appears those comments were deleted.

    1. Just checked an it appears those comments are still there. If you’re going to make stuff up at least make up stuff that isn’t so easily verifiable.

      1. More dissenting comments are being permitted now but they will not do any good. Take It Back is all on board now pushing the pot petitions too and would not be surprised if the SDDP is now doing it.

  2. Don’t sign any petitions!

    What this tells me is that these groups are struggling AND as we all suspected they are all liberal measures and working together because Democrats can’t win elections!

  3. When is Rick going to run for state wide office again. He’s so smart in dialing into the sd voter.

  4. I think everything Rick is involved in should say “Brought to you by Rick Weiland.”

  5. It is a desperate move that most likely will end up having even more long term negative consequences for what remains of the SDDP and anyone who seeks to have an effective and competitive main opposition party.

  6. Unless Shirleen Miller the Traditional Democrat and myself have been blocked Take It has Took It Down in regards to their announcement with their alliance with the pot pushers NASD and NASD took their down too. Shirleen Miller being the Traditional Democrat that she is was not too happy with what has happened and it held her ground despite Cory Heidelberger, Melissa Mentele and the other pot advocates working on her. Shirleen wants to focus on bread and butter issues and has seen over the years how pot has wrecked lives and later shared with my what happened at a warehouse she worked at for 25 years and an accident with a forklift operator who was high and nearly got killed. She knows the medical MJ is basically recreational and not medically focused and is very upset Take It Back is involved now with the pot pushers and just further divides the party from actually being a political party.

    Drey Samuelson earlier this morning either blocked us or took down the announcement after seeing lengthy dissent including a reply by one pot enthusiast from Yankton stating that he could not wait till our generation died off. Btw! His facebook page is all pot porn showing where his focus in life was.

    1. Shirleen Miller is correct, the medical MJ is basically recreational and is not medically focused. From my understanding there are prescription drugs that can do the same as what MJ can do?

      When the medical MJ bill passed in Montana, my husband and I were approached by a kid handing out a doctor’s card who could prescribe us MJ. We were watching a football game in the Cat’s Paw and this kid came up to us asking if I experienced menstrual cramps and if my hubby had had any concussions in the past 10yrs. If we answered yes to the questions, we could call the doctor.

      Got a kick out of you “Portland Style” comment;)

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